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Starbucks drops #RaceTogether initiative


Starbucks has decided to remove #Race Together hashtag from customers’ cups.

The diversity and racial inequality campaign has been ditched after it was criticized as opportunistic and inappropriate. Starbucks wanted to encourage its customers to discuss about racism while they enjoy their coffees.

Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson said the coffee chain’s race initiative would carry on without the messages.Starbucks drops Race Together initiative

Race Together campaign was launched after national protests in the US over several police killings of black men in New York and Ferguson, Missouri.

“While there has been criticism of the initiative – and I know this hasn’t been easy for any of you – let me assure you that we didn’t expect universal praise,” a company memo from CEO Howard Schultz said.

Some customers said they didn’t want to talk about race while being served coffee.

The #racetogether hashtag was also hijacked after being promoted on Twitter.

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