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Prince Charles and Camilla meet Barack Obama at White House


Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden at the White House’s Oval Office.

Barack Obama has told the Prince of Wales of the “fondness” of American people for the Royal Family.

The president joked during the White House meeting that some “liked them much better than their own politicians”.

Barack Obama and Prince Charles last met four years ago when the king-in-waiting flew to the US a few days after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Photo Fox News

Photo Fox News

Prince Charles also visited an adult education school and took part in 10-pin bowling during this part of his four-day US “goodwill” tour.

On March 19, Prince Charles visited the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington DC, which provides education and training for the capital’s adult immigrant population.

He played 10-pin bowling during his tour of the city’s US Armed Forces Retirement Home.

The six-lane bowling alley is designed to provide exercise for the veterans who live at the home.

Earlier in their tour, Prince Charles and Camilla visited monuments to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. and were joined by figures from the American civil rights movement, Jesse Jackson and Congressman John Lewis.

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