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4 Retail Branding Ideas To Build & Enhance Customer Loyalty


It’s sometimes surprising to see that people can go against a brand, or be so passionate about a brand that they see all others as abhorrent. It’s the latter that stands for customer loyalty and makes you more money. Loyal customers tend to spend more and bring in new business with positive referrals and word of mouth.

Branding plays a crucial role in enhancing customer loyalty, which is critical for success in the turbulent marketplace. Since loyal customers stick with the brand they know, businesses need to execute branding in a way that promotes business image and leaves a memorable effect on customers. Here are 4 branding ideas that have the potential to take customer loyalty through the roof:


Create a contest

Contests allow your customers to showcase their happiness and talent, and when you pick the right theme, showcase your products. A photo contest, for example, can be hosted on your website or even in a physical location such as a coffee shop. It will likely result in lots of happy customers sharing pictures, which can be used in marketing materials, or just displayed in your office.

A San Francisco pizza chain, Pizza Orgasmica, hangs photo frames of customers and has also published a gallery on its website of people who share pictures wearing the brand’s t-shits from around the globe. Such contests are easy to execute and don’t require you to spend an arm and leg on branding.

Incorporate your brand into packaging

Branding can be incorporated into the packaging of your products. Custom printed packaging for retailers can be used for more than just brand promotion. They are also for product differentiation and eco-friendly image development. Additionally, it can help retailers provide technical information and re-order information about products with ease. The brand logo and artwork can be applied on custom boxes in a variety of ways.

That’s how Apple’s iPad branding was executed, and it left a significant impact on customers. The packaging is driven by a great design and user-friendliness. Apple utilized custom packaging to deliver its promise of a great product while implementing a smart branding strategy. The image on the cover of the packaging featuring a life-size photo of an iPad does a great job in fulfilling customer expectations.

Branding through a cause

Giving back to the community by supporting a cause will build your brand image as a business that cares. Choose a cause relevant to your business. For example, if you run a pet shop, then a no-kill animal cause would be a perfect fit. Promote the cause and your brand together through special events.

For instance, a pet shop owner can ask customers to buy a pack of pet food while your outlet donates 20 percent of the sale to the animal shelter. Promote such events on social media and through press releases to increase the visibility of your brand’s support to the cause.

Utilize special days

While the holiday season is the prime time for branding, you don’t have to be limited. That’s because you can increase customer loyalty by promoting your brand on other holidays.

For example, you can offer a special deal to customers on Valentine’s Day, or a surprise gift in Easter eggs on Easter holiday. The same can be done on the fourth of July for anyone wearing patriotic clothes.