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Women On 20’s group campaigns to put woman on $20 bill

As women are absent on American currency, “Women On 20s” group is trying to change that through a campaign aiming to see one of 15 female American history-makers on the $20 bill.

The group says President Barack Obama would merely need to instruct the Treasury secretary to change how bills are printed to immortalize the contributions of women to American society.

Women On 20’s explained why the $20 bill. One reason is that the new bill would help commemorate the 100th anniversary in 2020 of the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.Women on 20s campaign

Additionally, the $20 bill’s current resident – former President Andrew Jackson – doesn’t have the best reputation, military achievements aside, given the mass migration of Native Americans implemented during his presidency.

Women On 20s would like to see on the $20 bill is Sojourner Truth, a slave who became an outspoken abolitionist; Clara Barton, a Civil War nurse and American Red Cross founder; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who kick-started the women’s suffrage movement with the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention; and Frances Perkins, who as labor secretary helped bring about some of the most important policies of President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration.

The campaign supporters can vote for their favorite women in a primary round that will narrow it down to three candidates before a final vote.

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