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Greece misses deadline for reform list

Greece has missed the February 23 deadline in sending a list of reforms aimed at securing a bailout extension to EU partners.

The Greek government will send the list on Tuesday morning, officials say.

The list must be approved by international creditors to secure a four-month loan extension.

Analysts say the deal’s collapse would revive fears Greece will exit the euro.

Minister of state Nikos Pappas says the list will include measures to fight tax evasion and trim the civil service.Greece reform list deadline

German newspaper Bild, citing an unnamed source, reports that Greece aims to recover 7.3 billion euros ($8.3 billion) with measures to combat tax evasion.

A spokesman for the German finance ministry, Martin Jaeger, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency that Berlin expected the Greek plan to be “coherent and plausible”.

Greece agreed at a meeting with its EU and IMF lenders on February 20 to submit the list of reforms before Tuesday, February 24.

But officials said later that the Eurogroup had agreed to a delay though no reason was given.

“The list of reforms will be sent to the finance ministers of the Eurogroup on Tuesday morning, while a teleconference will take place in the afternoon,” one official told Reuters news agency.

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