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Jaycee Chan released from jail after six months


Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan, has been released from jail in China.

He was jailed for six months for drug offence.

Jaycee Chan was detained in August 2014 after a police raid on his home. He had tested positive for marijuana and was caught with 100g of the drug.

His arrest was part of a wider crackdown on drug use in China.

A Beijing court sentenced Jaycee Chan in January, taking into account his time already spent in jail.

His management company, MStones, said in a statement that Jaycee Chan was released in the early hours of February 13.

It added that Jackie Chan’s son was due to hold a press conference on February 14 “to deliver a public apology and explanation”.

Jaycee Chan, a 32-year-old actor and singer, was arrested with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, who was detained for two weeks for drug use.

He faced a more serious charge of “providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs”. He later pleaded guilty.

Jackie Chan is currently on a tour of Asia promoting his new film Dragon Blade.

He reportedly expressed relief about his son’s release and said at a press conference in Singapore earlier this week that he was looking forward to finishing an album with his son “as soon as possible when he gets out”.Jackie Chan son Jaycee

Jackie Chan was named an anti-drug ambassador in China in 2009.

He publicly apologized for his son’s actions in December, saying on his microblog account that he was “very angry” and “ashamed”.

The drug crackdown began in June 2014 when President Xi Jinping ordered police to use strong measures to stop drug abuse.

At least 10 locally-known stars, most of them minor celebrities, have been arrested so far, including movie and television stars, film directors and a screenwriter.

China has since banned the transmission of any works by stars who have used drugs or prostitutes. The ban applies to television, online media, film and publishing.

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