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Mariah Carey messes up lyrics while lip synching Fantasy at Jamaica’s Jazz and Blues Festival 2015


Mariah Carey messed up lyrics and forgot to sing while lip synching Fantasy and other tracks during her performance at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica on January 30.

Mariah Carey made a big show of pretending to sing, holding up the microphone and mouthing words. They were often the wrong words, or she simply missed the cues all together and her backing track did the singing for her.Mariah Carey lip synching Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2015

However, the singer kept smiling, made emotional singing faces, and played with her ear pieces.

After the show, fans took to the Jamaica Observer website, where they voiced complaints on an article that claimed Mariah Carey had “conquered” the festival and “wooed” the audience with her hit songs.

Mariah Carey also came under fire in December 2014, when she performed live at NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center, but visibly struggled to hit the high notes.

[youtube PkWGm_pHT9c 650]

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