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Davos 2015: Prince Andrew to host reception at World Economic Forum

Prince Andrew is set for his first public event since underage s** claims.

The Duke of York will host a reception of business people at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday evening.

Prince Andrew, 54, will speak and may make reference to the allegations and denials that have been issued but if he does any comments will be brief.

The woman, known legally as Jane Doe #3, alleges she was forced by financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted s** offender, to have s** with Prince Andrew at an age when she was a minor under Florida law.Prince Andrew Davos 2015

It is the first time the woman, named elsewhere as Virginia Roberts, has given a statement in her own words to the courts.

Her lawyers said they had sent Prince Andrew a letter asking him to respond under oath to the allegations.

Prince Andrew is not facing any legal proceedings over the claims made in the US case.

They say the letter was sent back to them as having been refused by the recipient.

The allegations against Prince Andrew emerged in evidence submitted to a US court in a case involving Jeffrey Epstein, who spent time in jail in 2008-2009.

Prince Andrew, the fifth in line to the throne, stepped down as UK trade envoy in July 2011 following controversy over his then friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.