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Tips on How to Have the Best London Student Experience


Studying in London can be an exciting, if daunting, prospect to those unfamiliar with the city. As well as a world of entertainment and culture on your doorstep, there is the seemingly sky high cost of living and the public transport to familiarise yourself  with. Therefore whether you have come to London from Tokyo or Totness, there will be a lot to get your head around. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your London student experience.

student accommodation in Central London.

Find the best place for you to live

There are plenty of options for living places in the capital from suburban townhouses to student accommodation in Central London. First you will need to figure out your budget. If you are considering living away from where your university is based you should also take into account the monthly price of public transport. If you want to live close to where you study you will need to decide between private student accommodation and university halls. You may be happy to share facilities and if this is the case you are likely to benefit from a more social time.

Get part time work

Although this may not be the most exciting prospect after a long summer working many hours it is worth doing. Gaining employment whilst at university will give you skills for your CV, give you extra spending money (something very useful in London) and enable you to make new friends. Try to get work which will not infringe too much on your studies and if you can get something connected to your degree, even better.

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Go on the tourist trail

There is little point in studying in London and not taking advantage of the fantastic cultural offer the city has. Make a list of the top attractions the city has and try and tick one off every weekend. You will have fun visiting Buckingham Palace, going on the London Eye and attending the Natural History Museum.


Join a society

As with part-time work, joining a club or society (either one affiliated with the university or otherwise) will improve your social life and gain you skills which will look great on your CV when it comes to seeking post-graduate employment. Most student unions have a wide range of societies from debating to sport. Find one which fits in with your interests or try something completely new.life in London


To make the most out of life in London, you will need a little money in your pocket. Analyse your monthly outgoings including food shopping, transport costs and rent then see how far your loan and savings will go. You may have to start shopping more smartly or look to invest in a bicycle to save your cash.