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Forbes’ Most Overpaid Actor List 2014: Adam Sandler on top for second year in a row


Adam Sandler has topped Forbes‘ Most Overpaid Actor List for a second year in a row.

Adam Sandler came ahead of Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller, who complete the top three, to pick up the honor.

The rankings were decided by Forbes magazine after comparing actors’ estimated pay with the budget and revenue of the last three films they starred in before June 2014.

Animated films and cameos were not included in the list.

Although Adam Sandler’s latest film Grown Ups 2 took $246 million at the global box office, it didn’t make up for the more disappointing takings of 48-year-old’s previous releases, Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy.

It’s estimated that for every $1 Adam Sandler was paid, he returned an average of $3.20.Adam Sandler tops Forbes list of most overpaid actor

By comparison, Emma Stone – who topped Forbes‘ 2013 best actors for the buck list – returned an estimated $80.70 for every $1 she was paid for her last three movies.

Johnny Depp, 51, is second on the 2014 overpaid list, returning an average of $4.10 for each dollar he was paid.

His average was lowered by recent films The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows.

Ben Stiller is number three on the list.

His estimated return of $4.80 owes itself to Tower Heist and The Watch not performing too well at the box office.

The top five is completed by Ryan Reynolds, with a return of $4.90 for each dollar paid, and Oscar winner Tom Hanks, who pulled in a $5.20 return.

According to Forbes, Cloud Atlas – which sees Tom Hanks taking on six roles – was an expensive flop for the actor.

Will Ferrell ($6.60), Channing Tatum ($6.70), Denzel Washington ($6.90) and Ben Affleck ($9.37) also appear in the top 10.

Sandra Bullock is the only actress to appear on the list, coming in ninth with a return of $9. Like Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock is not considered overpaid by Hollywood standards, she lands here because of math. Huge backend payments on The Blind Side and Gravity make Sandra Bullock look overpaid.

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