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Anny Schilder diagnosed with breast cancer


Former BZN vocalist Anny Schilder has been diagnosed with breast cancer this summer.

After performing surgery in secret, Anny Schilder began her first chemotherapy in October, Vosound Records director Jos Lauwers confirmed.

Anny Schilder and her duo partner Jan Keizer have recently joined the label of fellow townsman Jan Smit.
Jos Lauwers said: “Anny and the treating physicians are hopeful that the disease can be conquered. The singer is shocked. But I know her as a strong woman who will beat through here.

“She is rather less cheerful, but fights with his head on.” Anny Schilder breast cancer

Anny Schilder, 55, has deliberately chosen not to remain silent about her condition as Jos Lauwers said: “She wants that way for speculation and prevent.”

In September, Anny Schilder and Jan Keizer, 65, launched Unforgettable Duets which includes their new single Felicità.
Due to Anny Schilder’s health condition a number of the duo’s concerts in South Africa were canceled.

An already planned Christmas tour in Romania has been also canceled.

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