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Tips for writing a great professional essay


When asked to write an essay, most people would freeze. People make it a difficult prospect, by over thinking what they have to do. As a result, their mind would blank out, freeze and they would end up with a black piece of paper.

Nevertheless, someone with a decent command over English language would find essay writing an easy task. However, you are required to follow some simple guidelines. Writing an essay, thesis, novel, textbook and more require a particular structure. However, the structure is not embedded in stone. You can take advantage of few essay-writing forms offered at your disposal. For novice writers, the basic involves six different essay writing steps or actions.

  1. Choose a subject that personally interests you.
  2. Prepare a short outline to help you organize your thoughts.
  3. Write a short introduction.
  4. Using outline as your parameter, write your thoughts on paper.
  5. A summary is imperative.
  6. Editing and re-writing your essay.

For those who do not have a natural talent for writing, the aforementioned points would assist them in writing a presentable essay.

Now, that you know how to write an essay, you should be ready to take the initial step. However, the difficult point is to decide on the kind of essay to write. However, while choosing the right essay, it is imperative to understand the difference between the different kinds of essays. Find below some of the common kind of essays, which would assist the students immensely.

  1. Contrast and Comparative Essay

This particular kind of essay writing involves two subjects. The writer has to identify their differences and similarities. However, a good comparison essay would encompass a legitimate basis for comparison. The information has to be catchy and focused. It is imperative that the purpose is clear when making a comparison between two subjects.

  1. Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

An argumentative or persuasive essay would comprise of a position or claim per se the subject, for the purpose of argument. The essay comprises of well-thought arguments regarding controversy or claim, expert opinions and statistics. However, the issues should be discussed using both perspectives. The argument has to be exact, focused and clear.

  1. Descriptive Essay

This kind of essay writing aims to cater a dramatic picture of a particular event, person, object or place. The essay would offer the reader a brief detail of the subject described.

  1. Narrative Essay

This kind of essay writing involves a sequence of events or a story. The essay incorporates a definitive viewpoint of the author. However, the essay aims to offer the reader with sensory and specific details. However, the verbs used must be precise and flamboyant.

  1. Evaluation Essay

This kind of essay writing form aims to provide the reader with a kind of judgment on particular services, ideas, places and so on. However, the basis for this judgment has to be based on clear-cut criterion. The essay must comprise of statistics and facts, in order to ascertain noteworthy evaluation and analysis.

  1. Definition Essay

This kind of essay writing style demands the writers to offer its readers the meaning of the term in a manner that stretches beyond objective definition. The writers are required to be more focused with their writings. Their writings should offer the exact meaning as provided in reference sources by www.domyessay.net.


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