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Self-Driving Cars: Not Just Google Anymore

While Google has created an operational prototype of their self-driving car, they are not alone.
Downside? Google’s cutesy and fun looking vehicle shares a resemblance with a children’s toy. In today’s society where image is everything, this could definitely be a deal breaker for some potential buyers. Even if you customize it with a vinyl wrap, it’s still not going to compare to your coworker’s fancy sports car. However, Google isn’t the only manufacturer looking to make automated driving a reality.

Cruise RP-1

The Cruise RP-1 is a new system created as a major step towards hands-free driving. While it’s not a self-driving car, it definitely lends a hand to those of us with long highway commutes.
When activated, the Cruise takes care of maintaining the appropriate speed, remaining within the lane and keeping an appropriate distance from cars around it.
The roof-mounted cameras and radar sensors help the internal computer control the car’s steering. It constantly scans to ensure it is still within the lane and away from other vehicles.

Only 50 units will be offered to the public for now, but $10k is how much it will take to snag one of those limited systems. Installation will take place in California, sometime in 2015.

BMW Track Trainer 330i

The BMW Group also has their hands on a self-driving system. Though not as commonly known as Google’s autonomous vehicles, news of BMW’s self-driving car has been around since 2011. Although intended for the race track rather than public roadways, this technology is definitely a step in the right direction for autonomous technology.

BMW M235i

More recently, the M235i has shown the ability to safely steer through a variety of driving hazards. While states are still working out laws for self-driving cars, the BMW prototype will have to stick to closed-off tracks. But it definitely brings hopes for a future of autonomous cars hitting the highway.

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with a boatload of the most technologically advanced options. From cameras, radar, and hundreds of LED lamps, this vehicle is undoubtedly the best luxury sedan on the highway. While all of these features are amazing, the optional driver assistance package on the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes the vehicle to new heights.
With stereo cameras, radar, ultrasonic systems, 100 microprocessors, and several other technologies, the S-Class is the most technologically advanced premium sedan on the market. Astonishingly, the S-Class is able to navigate itself for approximately 15 seconds by using radars, sensors, and cameras.

Optical Mounted Cameras

The S-Class gets it 3D vision from a pair of optical mounted cameras in the windshield. These cameras are instrumental in helping the vehicle decide whether it should pay attention to the vehicle in front of it or on the lane markings. In addition, these cameras enable the Benz to more effectively recognize and respond to traffic and objects that may quickly dart out in front of it.
Lane Keep Assist
While most lane keep assists will simply warn you if you begin to veer into an adjacent line, this vehicle takes it one step farther. If there is a vehicle in the lane you are attempting to merge with, the break on the corresponding front wheel is applied gently to assist the vehicle to maneuver back into the right lane.

Brake Assist

This technology effectively monitors vehicles for oncoming vehicles veering into your lane or for crossing traffic. If the sensors recognize either of these scenarios, the S-Class alerts you with audio visual signals. When you apply the brakes, the vehicle helps you by adding additional braking pressure.
Active Parking Assist
While most people are comfortable parking their vehicle into a space, the S-Class makes more difficult parking simple.
If your vehicle detects an open space suitable for backing in or for parallel parking, you only have to put the vehicle in reverse and the S-Class will maneuver into the spot for you.

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