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Drought Alert: California is Having Major Issues


Drought is the lack of rain over a long period of time, which also affects the wellbeing of both plantation and animals. Drought will dehydrate life forms and also evaporate water bodies. In this, water becomes scares yet we all know how important water is. Alternative solutions become the only way to survive with the hope that there will be a turn of events. Every living organism relies on water to function efficiently. Humans need water for much more than drinking and bathing in their homes. In times of drought, irrigation becomes the only way to grow crops. California is suffering the effects of drought.

The climate in the state is worsening by the day especially in California. This is affecting the level of soil moisture as a result of the extreme drought. Drought is affecting the production of fruits, vegetables, and other cash crops like cotton. The area has also seen more than one ‘firenado’. These are spinning column of burning debris and gas packing winds, which are as strong as 120mph.

Though you can clearly predict a drought just like you would a flood, it is however, fairly difficult to tell how dangerous or massive they may get. In this, Californians have already started to prepare as many townships have already been cut off from the main water supply of the state. For instance, Hydrocare USA have come up with devices specifically for filtering well-water, typically used only for crops, but can now be used for the whole house.

Global warming is making the drought seem even worse. This is because it dries out and heats up land. It is therefore important that the available water reserved be used efficiently. Several changes have been made in an attempt to save water after a previous drought that greatly affected southern California. The water agencies and residents adopted low-flow toilets and showerheads as well as drip irrigation.

In addition, the local government embraced water distribution systems to help treat sewage water to serve other purposes such as irrigation instead of using drinking water for some of these purposes. Massive efforts to reclaim water are underway and should be recycled to help run the day-to-day activities of larger manufacturing plants.

In an attempt to beat drought, the residents of California need alternative water supplies. In this, there is a proposed water project, the Twin Tunnel project. This is the building of two major tunnels with massive pipes under the delta which aims at carrying Northern California’s water safely, which will also have very little environmental concerns to the southern consumers.

To avoid disrupting the weakening environment, it is important to use environmentally friendly solutions. To achieve this, the use efficient water technology is the key role. The water filter systems come with a unique design and proper purification materials. The ease of using the equipment ensures that you get quality water with very little effort.

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