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Benefits of Spinning Classes


Spinning is one of those evergreen gym classes that has stood the test of time, with other routines disappearing out of fashion spinning classes in London are as popular as ever and it is easy to see why. We all have goals and are looking to meet these with the results from our training, spinning is one of those programmes that after just three classes per week, each lasting between 30 minutes and an hour you will start seeing results in record time.


A class will typically burn around 300 calories, up to 800 for the longer classes and this will melt away the pounds and of course as you see the class is working you will want to keep going again and again. Who knew losing fat could be so fun?

The lower body is considered to be a trouble zone for many women and cycling can address these. Although it is not possible to target your fat burn to your legs, working the large muscles such as the hamstrings will tone up, improving the overall appearance.

You may think that a spinning class will only work out your leg muscles but, this is wrong, they aren’t the only muscle group that enjoys the benefits of spinning! With an experienced instructor you will be taught the correct posture to use whilst spinning, as well as combining this with side to side movements which will work to improve your core strength and as a result, once your body fat percentage is low enough you will have abs on display!

Of course, spinning isn’t easy, especially being on a static bike for a prolonged period of time and although the music and constant changes in music, speed and resistance will keep you on your toes it can still be a mentally tough workout to get through. The benefit of this is the increased mental endurance, strength and self confidence which develops from this.

Improving your strength and endurance during a spinning class may lead you to become more confident with cycling out of the gym and onto the roads. London cycling offers a whole new array of benefits on top of those enjoyed by spinning such as increased cardiovascular health, increased productivity, confidence and of course weight loss.