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How to make St Patrick’s Day green beer in three steps

You can show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit by drinking an ice-cold mug of green beer.

 1. Choose a light colored beer. You can make darker beer green, but it requires so much food coloring that your teeth will turn green.

St Patrick’s Day green beer

St Patrick’s Day green beer

2. Squirt 4 – 6 drops of green food coloring in the bottom of a beer glass. Use more drops for beer of a darker hue. Use liquid food coloring, as opposed to gel; it’ll mix with the beer much more easily.Don’t use blue food coloring. You may think it will mix with yellow beer to make green, but since the colors aren’t pure pigments, you’ll end up with something closer to turquoise.

3. Fill the mug with beer. The food coloring will mix with the beer as you pour, tinting your beer a lovely green. Don’t stir the beer, or it’s likely to go flat.

Or… You can try this recipe…

[youtube WsHZoGW2-Y8 650]

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