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Black Friday 2013: Best deals and discounts


Black Friday is just days away, and shoppers already have started to refine their shopping lists, searching for ads online that reveal gotta-have gifts and rock-bottom prices at major retailers.

The holiday shopping season represents the bulk of many merchants’ yearly sales, so luring shoppers early is important, retail analysts say. Dozens of Black Friday websites entice shoppers with early releases of ads.

Retailers count on shoppers poring over their newspaper inserts. Papers’ Thanksgiving Day editions often are the largest of the year.

“This is the one time of year when consumers have the opportunity to see all this sales stuff in advance,” said Brad Wilson, who has a website called BradsDeals.com.

“It gives people three or four weeks to strategize about what they are going to buy.”

Online sneak-peak ads for Black Friday come out earlier every year, he said.

Black Friday 2013

Black Friday 2013

“Consumers love the game of it all,” Brad Wilson said.

“They want to find the best deals. And they want to be able to get to the right stores at the right time.”

Shoppers caught up in the adrenaline rush of getting the best Black Friday deals – like last year’s $97 flat screen television – will be in for even better deals this year, Brad Wilson is predicting.

“The bargains have gotten better every year for a while,” he said.

Some of the websites that already have started posting Black Friday ads:



Brad’s Black Friday



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