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Silas Merritt Robertson, aka Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si, has just published his first book Si-Cology 1 this month.

Si Robertson often gets blamed for things and sometimes thinks he’s seen a black panther roaming around close to the home and business.

He is married to Christine, which many viewers were unaware of until he introduced his wife a few weeks ago for an episode of Good Morning America.

Si Robertson, the younger brother to Phil Robertson, has been married to Christine for 43 years and happily so, as they hugged affectionately in the video clipped.

He said he had asked his wife to marry him about a hundred times.

“It was about 75,” says Christine Robertson.

Si Robertson told Parade magazine that Christine was not set to join the family in the reality show.

“She’s got better sense than all the rest of us,” he said.

Si Robertson with wife Christine and their daughter Trasa Cobern

Si Robertson with wife Christine and their daughter Trasa Cobern

Si Robertson is also a big tea drinker – but he likes it straight, no sugar.

“Put three bags in a pot of water, turn the heat on the water and let it boil, put a saucer over it and let it seep. Then pour it into a gallon jug and then I drink it.”

Si Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana, on 27 April 1948, and he shares some of the highlights from his eventful life in Si-cology, from fishing with his brothers and skipping classes at Louisiana Tech, to his time serving in the Vietnam War, to falling in love with Christine and having their two children, Trasa and Scott.

He actually served in the military for 25 years and told The Christian Post that it was this that made him feel that he hadn’t been there enough for his kids.

“I was in the military, so I told my wife that I was never there for the kids when they were growing up. And she said, <<oh yeah you were. Let me go get a photo album>>. And she was showing me dressed as a bunny rabbit for Easter and Santa Claus during Christmas time. Personally, I didn’t feel that I was there enough,” he said in the interview.

It was after retiring from the military in 1993 that Si Robertson joined the family Duck Commander business.  With the show becoming a phenomenal success, Si Robertson has his own fan base – he told of one woman who drove 450 miles to a signing in Arkansas and told him she was ready to marry him, at which point he had to break the bad news that she was already spoken for.

But when he does sign things for people, Si Robertson has two Bible verses he likes to jot down along with his signature.

In the interview with The Christian Post, Si Robertson had this to say: “When I sign people’s stuff I put down John 3:16 and 17. Most people can tell you what 16 says, OK. <<For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son>>. But they don’t know nothin’ about 17. It says Jesus didn’t come to condemn us. If anybody had a right to condemn someone, it would be the son of God. If he didn’t do it, then hey, we definitely are not qualified to do it.”

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