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Clint Eastwood separates from wife Dina


Clint Eastwood has separated from his second wife Dina after 17 years of marriage.

Dina Eastwood, 48, a former TV news reporter, confirmed the split to Us Weekly on Thursday.

She revealed that she and the 83-year-old star have been living apart for some time.

Dina Eastwood also added that the pair remain “close”.

A source told the magazine that Dina and Clint Eastwood, who share a 16-year-old daughter Morgan, have in fact been living apart for over a year, initially splitting in June 2012.

They say that the couple’s decision to end their relationship was “amicable”.

“Clint fell out of love with Dina a long time ago,” the insider said.

Rumors that there was trouble in paradise between the pair emerged earlier this year in April when Clint Eastwood appeared at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City with his wedding ring noticeably absent.

Dina and Clint Eastwood had also not been photographed together since November 2011 and they were seen embroiled in what appeared to be an argument at his daughter Alison’s wedding in March.

Clint Eastwood has separated from his second wife Dina after 17 years of marriage

Clint Eastwood has separated from his second wife Dina after 17 years of marriage

Earlier this year, TMZ also reported that Dina Eastwood had checked herself into rehab for problems with “depression and anxiety”.

According to the website, Dina Eastwood was not being treated for substance abuse problems, but was seeking help for stress-related issues.

Last year Dina Eastwood, her daughter Morgan and stepdaughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood starred in a reality TV show titled Mrs. Eastwood & Company.

Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, 20, is Clint Eastwood’s daughter from his relationship with Titanic actress Frances Fisher.

Dina Eastwood invited the cameras into the family’s California home to display her life with her two girls.

Clint Eastwood has been married two times and has seven children by five different women.

The other main loves in Clint Eastwood’s life have included model Maggie Johnson, who he was married to for 31 years, and actress Sondra Locke, who he lived with for 14 years.

The actor has voiced his not so positive views on marriage in the past.

Clint Eastwood married his first wife Maggie Johnson in 1953, only half a year after they met on a blind date. After a decade of marriage the couple had a trial separation but were not officially divorced until May 1984.

But during that time Clint Eastwood fell in love and lived for 14 years with actress Sondra Locke, whom he co-starred in numerous films with throughout the late 70s and 80s.

During his relationship with Sondra Locke, Clint Eastwood fathered two children with a flight attendant named Jacelyn Reeves, according to Independent.ie.

Then in 1990, Clint Eastwood struck up a romance with actress Frances Fisher, after meeting on the set of Pink Cadillac.

He later directed the actress in his film Unforgiven, but then separated in 1995.

Clint Eastwood met Dina Ruiz in 1993, and subsequently married her on March 31, 1996.