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Si Robertson commercial outtakes for Flextone go viral


During the time, Flextone Game Calls has hired professional athletes and big-name hunters to help get the word out about some of his products, and their on-air talents have run the gamut from stiff-as-a-board to loosy-goosy.

However, no one’s ever performed quite like Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.

The company’s president, Matt Busbice, contracted with Si Robertson to help him promote Flextone’s Black Rack, a rattling system that employs two full racks. Hunters beat the fake antlers together to simulate the sound of two bucks fighting.

Matt Busbice said the sound is remarkably different.

“I’ve got a pair of sheds in my office and a pair of Black Racks. Whenever you rattle the Black Rack versus the pair of sheds, it sounds exactly like two deer fighting,” he said.

“I have a video of two deer fighting, and you can tell the difference. There’s more tine-to-tine contact, and there’s more grinding.”

When Si Robertson showed up in the early spring to shoot the commercial, Matt Busbice and his staff introduced him to the Black Rack system, and Uncle Si instantly grasped the concept. He stood in front of the camera, and said: “Say when.”

“We wanted it to be Si explaining the Black Rack concept,” Matt Busbice said.

“We didn’t want to coach him much. We gave him some prompts, and he was just knocking it out of the park.”

Si Robertson promotes Flextone's Black Rack, a rattling system that employs two full racks

Si Robertson promotes Flextone’s Black Rack, a rattling system that employs two full racks

Matt Busbice has published the outtakes on YouTube, and they’re as funny as any Duck Dynasty episode. The video is all classic Si Robertson.

“Hey, look here,” Uncle Si starts.

“I’ve been deer hunting as long as I’ve been duck hunting, alright?”

Si Robertson then picks up two sheds and claps them together.

“This is a deer fighting himself, OK? Not realistic, alright? Hey, you ain’t even got a full rack here. You got the left side and the right side, and he’s fighting himself. No good.”

Matt Busbice said he had the time of his life shooting the commercial.

“Working with Si – I would characterize it as genius,” Matt Busbice said.

“I always thought that the producers and the big Hollywood writers were doing a lot of coaching for Si; that’s not even close to true. He requires no coaching. He’s basically one of the most natural talents I’ve ever worked with. He by far blew away anybody I ever worked with as far as raw humor and delivering the message.”

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