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7 Things You Would’ve Had to Carry in the 90s to Match Your Smartphone


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It’s hard to remember a time before cell phones, and even to remember what life was like before smartphones. You might recall watching the news every night just to get the latest updates and sports scores, or carefully setting your trusty alarm clock and checking it several times on the night before a big work meeting. However, smartphones have made it so much easier to stay updated and current anywhere.

Make Your List, Check it Twice

Instead of carrying around paper and a pen, then searching through your purse or briefcase to jot down notes or items your grocery list, a notepad app on your smartphone has made this obsolete.  Keep track of your important tasks or things to remember, all in one place.

Eliminating Paper Maps

Asking for directions is no longer necessary, nor is carting around a handful of maps while on vacation. Simply open your favorite GPS app and plug-in the address. As long as you are in range of a satellite, you will get systematic directions (and on some apps, even turn-by-turn directions with the capability to re-route for closed or blocked off roads) that keep you on course for your trip.

Stay Entertained Anywhere

If you get stuck in a doctor’s office waiting room, don’t weigh yourself down with heavy books or magazines to pass the time. Your smartphone can store hundreds of your favorite books and magazines, all in one easily accessible location.

Remember Every Event

The cameras in smartphones and tablets have created a new normal for documenting daily life. With photo sharing and editing apps, you can quickly snap photographs of your family, friends, or even what you’re having for dinner, and share content with people all across the world.

Deposit Checks From Your Phone

Skip the trip to the bank with mobile banking apps, many of which accommodate transfers between accounts, online bill pay, and mobile check deposit, where you simply take a photo of the check and the money is in your account within a few hours. These apps also eliminate paper waste, since you don’t have to fill out a deposit slip or write out a check to pay bills.

Digital Media Options

You can also cancel your newspaper subscription, since many national and local newspapers now offer a digital app where you can read the latest updates from your community and around the globe.

No More Math in Your Head

Don’t worry about calculating a tip or a percentage while you are out and about since your smartphone includes a calculator. Some devices also store credit and debit card information, so you can pay on the go.

It will be interesting to see how many new apps come into the marketplace in the future, possibly eliminating the need to carry a wallet, go to the post office or even receive your daily news. If your ID, store loyalty cards, and payment information is in one place, you might be able to travel light and simply carry your phone.


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