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Kelly Brook retaliates at love rival Katie Price on Twitter as feud over Danny Cipriani intensifies


Kelly Brook has finally retaliated at love rival Katie Price as the bitter war of words between the enemies intensifies.

Labelling Katie Price “desperate” and claiming the 35-year-old star has been “threatening” her via text message, Kelly Brook seemed to have got wind of the fact that the pregnant mother-of-three was planning on doing a “kiss and tell” on Danny Cipriani over the weekend.

Branding the move “hilarious”, Kelly Brook, 33, slammed Katie Price for being “one of many” when she briefly dated Danny Cipriani in October 2011.

Writing on her Twitter page in a series of posts, Kelly Brook said: “@MissKatiePrice Your doing a Kiss&Tell on Danny?? Haha that’s hilarious you dated for 5mins and was one of many at that time. Desperate.

“@MissKatiePrice I saw the texts you sent him threatening me. So yes I’ve seen the messages. Will happily call you. DM me.”

While Katie Price is yet to respond to the tweet, it would seem the feud between the warring pair is set to continue for a while longer.

Glamour model Katie Price upped the spat earlier this week by warning Kelly Brook that her boyfriend will never be faithful to her.

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, reignited her war of words with the TV presenter on Twitter on Tuesday night, claiming Danny Cipriani is always trying to contact her, just days after Kelly Brook mocked her recent marriage to Kieran Hayler on Celebrity Juice.

The 35-year-old mother-of-three lashed out at Kelly Brook, writing: “@IAMKELLYBROOK pick up the phone if you hav a prob instead of hiding behind a tv screen to bully me!

“@IAMKELLYBROOK ask danny about his emails & texes sent to me behind your back which will show you kieran agrees he will never be faithful.”

Katie Price’s comments come after Kelly Brook made fun of her third marriage on Celebrity Juice on Thursday, when host Keith Lemon asked the panel: “What did Katie Price do for her husband on their wedding day?”

Kelly Brook replied: “Did she burn my calendar hanging on his wall?”

When a fan tweeted Katie Price about the joke, she replied: “I’m sure kelly wouldn’t be laughing if I said the things Danny Cip said to me about her in the bedroom when I was with him hahaha (sic).”

Kelly Brook then hit back and implied that she was still in touch with Danny Cipriani, when he briefly dated Katie Price in October 2011, despite living with then-boyfriend Thom Evans at the time.

She wrote: “No but I did laugh when he turned up at my house driving your car the next day 😉 I don’t think you know anything.”

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani on holiday in Tobago

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani on holiday in Tobago

On Tuesday night, Katie Price thanked Kelly Brook for confirming that Danny Cipriani had driven her car “without a license and insurance”.

She then teased fans that she would reveal all about her brief fling with the rugby player in her upcoming autobiography.

But Kelly Brook had been ignoring Katie Price’s last comments, instead choosing to post pictures of her holiday with Danny Cipriani instead – until now.

The models have been embroiled in a bitter feud since Kelly Brook reunited with Danny Cipriani in February and Katie Price called her a “heffer”.

She added: “Rumor has it she’s been hanging out with our mutual ex Danny Cipriani. Knowing him, I guess she’s probably been doing a bit of comfort eating.”

Kelly Brook and Katie Price seemed to have reached a ceasefire recently after weeks of trading barbs. However, the rift between the pair is well and truly back on, and seems to have reached a new level after the latest bout of tweets started last weekend.

When someone tweeted Katie Price telling her she was being “mugged off hard” by Kelly Price’s comments, she responded: “I’m flattered she must be obsessed with me as has to keep mentioning me.”

When one Twitter user included Kelly Brook and Katie Price’s handles in her message, it ended up creating an online dialogue between the rivals.

On Friday night, Katie Price initially refrained from replying to Kelly Brook’s comment directly, she did retweet a comment from a follower suggesting Kelly should keep quiet.

The tweet, by @TysonPrice4 read: “@IAMKELLYBROOK Why don’t you leave @MissKatiePrice name out of you’re mouth u stupid b**ch !!!”

Katie Price briefly dated Danny Cipriani in October 2011, (during a break from ex-fiance Leandro Penna) who has since reunited with Kelly Brook in February this year.

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani originally dated from 2008 until 2010, before she went on to have a two year romance with his former Wasps teammate Thom Evans.

However, Kelly Brook returned to her ex just weeks after splitting from Thom in January 2013.

The row between Katie Price and Kelly Brook kicked off in February this year, when the former accused the brunette model of looking heavier after seeing photos of her shooting her New Look swimwear campaign in Miami.

She wrote her column in The Sun: “The pictures of Kelly modelling her latest New Look swimwear range in Miami don’t seem to be airbrushed and I’m FLABbergasted to see how big Kelly really is. You’re a heffer (sic), Kelly, but still a hot one.”

She even suggested Kelly Brook was “comfort eating” because she was seeing her ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani again.

Soon after, Kelly Brook responded, accusing the mother-of-three of being “rude”.

Kelly Brook said: “I actually wish her all the best. It’s sad isn’t it? I think it’s a bit sad… I think girls can get away with having a bit of meat on our bones; I don’t mind a wobbly arm or a bit of cellulite.”

However, a few days later, Kelly Brook couldn’t resist making a pop of Katie Price on Celebrity Juice, when she compared her to the character Magda from the hit movie There’s Something About Mary.

When asked by host Keith Lemon what she would do if Katie Price was there, she replied: “What, Magda from There’s Something About Mary?”

Magda was the fiftysomething, sun-worshipping next door neighbor of Cameron Diaz’s character Mary in the hit 1998 comedy.

Played by actress Lin Shaye, she was known for her bleached blonde hair, permatan and caked on make-up… not unlike Katie Price.

That fired up Katie Price even more, who posted a zoomed-in photo of Kelly Brook’s na**d breasts, which had been taken on holiday in St Barts in 2008.

However, Kelly Brook responded with another dig a few weeks later on the ITV2 show, when she played a game where an image of Katie Price’s swimsuit-clad figure had been projected over her.

Unaware of Katie Price’s body being projected across the green screen she had stuck her head through, Kelly Brook eventually realized who she was supposed to be and asked: “Do I talk a lot of s**t?”

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