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Amanda Bynes party photos revealed


Amanda Bynes claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity when pictures of herself partying in her New York apartment recently surfaced in In Touch magazine.

In the snaps, it is clear that is in fact Amanda Bynes throwing what appears to be an impromptu party for three earlier this month.

In the shocking party photos, Amanda Bynes is seen reclining on her bed which is stripped down to a bare mattress with no sheets or other bedding.

With her sunglasses shielding her eyes, her hair extensions in a tattered mess and smeared make-up on her face, Amanda Bynes appears to be emulating Madonna’s famous Vogue pose.

Barefoot, Amanda Bynes wears a cream dress with a black bra teamed with a denim and leather jacket.

Later she is seen hazily sitting up, letting the photographer take her picture as she pushes her hair away from her chest.

An open can of Diet Coke with a straw sitting in it sits beside her bed and a half burnt j**nt that is blackened with soot is laying on the bed next to her after she has seemingly taken a hit.

Next up Amanda Bynes takes the photo shoot to the bathroom where she is seen preening and pouting in the mirror.

Amanda Bynes posted a video of herself in the bathroom getting ready for a New York party

Amanda Bynes posted a video of herself in the bathroom getting ready for a New York party

Hardly aware of what is going on around her, one of her male party guests gets physically close to her, seemingly kissing her on the arm.

He later does a little dance in the mirror as she continues to apply heavy layers of lip gloss to her pout.

The man in question, who would go only go by the name of “Joe”, is one of the men who provided the pictures to In Touch.

Joe and a photographer by the name of Giovanni Arnold were partying with Amanda Bynes on the night the snaps in question were taken.

Since their emergence, Amanda has jumped to her own defense, tweeting: “That’s not my bed! Those aren’t my toes! My toes are pedicured!”

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