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How Duck Dynasty couples met: Willie and Korie Robertson


All Duck Dynasty’s lovable, sweet tea-swilling couples are anchored by long-standing, rock-solid marriages.

The Robertson couples – from patriarch and matriarch Phil and Kay on down to their sons and daughters-in-law – are definitely having and holding, for richer and for poorer , in sickness and in health, for as long as they both shall live.

Check out how these happily married couples met, long before they were featured on hit A&E reality series Duck Dynasty.

Willie Robertson and Korie

Willie and Korie met at summer camp when they were in fourth and third grade, respectively.

Willie and Korie Robertson

Willie and Korie Robertson

“We were on a hike and I asked her to hold hands,” Willie Robertson told AskMen.

“We went to different schools – I was in public and she was in private – but we’d see each other in the Christian youth group during the year.”

They married a year after high school, and Willie Robertson doesn’t regret tying the knot at such a young age.

“That way you don’t have all the baggage. All our memories are together. Everything we have, we built together.”

Perhaps their five kids – three biological, two adopted – will take his advice. The eldest two, John Luke and Sadie, are high schoolers who are dating.

Now married for more than 21 years, Willie Robertson credits his wife for the family business’s success.

“In the early days, it was her encouragement that got me to start thinking about how to expand the business,” Willie Robertson said.

“Had I not been married to her, I never would have done anything that I’ve done today.”

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