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Amanda Berry 911 call transcript. Missing Cleveland women


Three women from Ohio, who were abducted more than a decade ago, have been found alive in the basement of a house in Cleveland – where they were apparently held captive in chains.

Amanda Berry, 26, and Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32, escaped from the Cleveland house just a few miles from the city where they disappeared.

The extraordinary rescue came after Amanda Berry, who went missing at the age of 16, screamed for help when their captor left the house and she was found by a neighbor who helped her to call 911.

Amanda Berry disappeared aged 16 in 2003

Amanda Berry disappeared aged 16 in 2003

Amanda Berry 911 call transcript

Amanda Berry: Help me, I’m Amanda Berry.

Operator: Do you need police, fire or ambulance?

Amanda Berry: I need police.

Operator: OK, and what’s going on there?

Amanda Berry: I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for 10 years. And I’m here. I’m free now.

Operator: OK, and what’s your address?

(The operator tries to figure out where she is.)

Amanda Berry: I’m across the street. I’m using their phone

Operator: OK, stay there with those neighbors and talk to the police when they get there.

(The operator repeats her instructions several times.)

Amanda Berry: OK, are they on their way right now? I need them now.

Operator: We’re gonna send them as soon as we get a car open.

Amanda Berry: No, I need them now before he gets back.

Operator: All right. We’re sending them, OK?

Amanda Berry: OK. I mean, like, right now.

Operator: Who is the guy who went out?

Amanda Berry: His name is Ariel Castro.

Operator: All right. How old is he?

Amanda Berry: He’s like 52.

Operator: All right, and a…

Amanda Berry: And I’m Amanda Berry. I’ve been on the news for the last 10 years.

Operator: OK, I got that, dear… what is his name again?

Amanda Berry: Uh, Ariel Castro.

Operator: And is he white, black or Hispanic?

Amanda Berry: Uh, he’s Hispanic.

Operator: What’s he wearing?

Amanda Berry: I don’t know cause he’s not here right now. That’s how we got away.

Operator: When he left, what was he wearing?

Amanda Berry: (Indistinguishable)

Operator: The police are on the way. Talk to them when they get there.

Amanda Berry: OK.

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