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Triumph celebrates 127 years of lingerie with pop up event at Covent Garden


Triumph celebrates 127 years of lingerie and proves they still remain at the forefront of fashion after being named as the official supplier of underwear at London Fashion Week.

To celebrate their second collaboration with the British Fashion Council, Triumph has teamed up with designers including Matthew Williamson and Fyodor Golan who have created their own unique customizations of their underwear.

The designers’ styles will be on display at a special pop up event, Maison Triumph, in Covent Garden, London next week.

The pop up centre will also house an exhibition revealing Triumph’s styles across the decades since they were established in 1886 by merchant Michael Braun and corset-maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer.
From humble beginnings with just six sewing machines and six employees at their factory in southern Germany, they have gone on to become the world’s leading lingerie manufacturers with a presence in more than 120 countries and 37,500-plus employees.
In the beginning, Triumph production focused on corsets that emphasized the bust and derriere while tautly shaping the waist and hips in line with what was considered the perfect female shape during the Victorian era.

Triumph celebrates 127 years of lingerie with pop up event at Covent Garden

Triumph celebrates 127 years of lingerie with pop up event at Covent Garden

The company faced a challenge to their business in the 1920s when the corset began to fall out of favor as female fashion began to change radically and boyish shapes and the bra became more popular.

Triumph moved with the times and began developing new ranges of underwear including bras with front fastenings and adjustable straps.

Further developments in line with style tastes, their own innovations and incorporating new fabrics like Lycra, continued through the swinging sixties to the present day – with their signature corsets continually coming in and out of fashion again.

Visitors to the pop event can see this style evolution played out in the exhibition that includes some of the images you can view here.

There will also be a number of other special events at the pop up store including a question and answer sessions with industry experts including model-turned-designer Helena Christensen, who will unveil a sneak peek of her autumn/winter collection for Triumph.

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