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June Shannon dressed as Marilyn Monroe for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s Holladay Specials


June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo’s mother, was long overdue for glamorous makeover considering her newfound celebrity.

Mama June, 33, finally submitted to her having her already grey curls dyed blonde, and had a fake tan and make up applied for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo series of HOLLAday Specials.

June Shannon, who had greying curls pulled back off her face in previous episodes, debuts the new blonde hairdo in a preview clip, with straightened, shoulder-length locks.

To celebrate her makeover, done with the help of her three daughters her partner Mike Thompson, aka Sugar Bear – decided to buy his beloved a white dress famed by Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.

But while Mike Thompson, dressed as a bear, confessed that the outfit turned him into a “horny bear”, their daughters weren’t so complimentary.

With white arms, a brown back and patches of red too, their brood said that she resembled “Neapolitan ice cream” thanks to some dodgy fake tan application.

But even with an uneven complexion, Mama June’s appearance was a world away from her usual scraped-back grey curls.

However, June Shannon eventually decided that the outfit was “too revealing” and opted for a more Halloween-friendly choice of an Egyptian Mummy.

In the same show, the mother of four also revealed something else – her fear of mayonnaise.

Though she visibly shudders at the mention of the condiment, June Shannon admits that she will eat potato salad or tuna salad, as long as she has not witnessed it being prepared.

“If I watch somebody make it, I can’t [eat] it,” she says.

“The reason why is because when I was growing up, the babysitter I had [would make] mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack… I can’t talk about it, this is making my flesh crawl!”

Sugar Bear decided to buy his beloved June Shannon a white dress famed by Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

Sugar Bear decided to buy his beloved June Shannon a white dress famed by Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

In a bid to help their mother conquer her fear, the four girls decide to take action, by attempting to explain how ridiculous she is being.

16-year-old Jessica, also known to the family as “Chubbs”, says: “I think it’s stupid that you’re scared of mayonnaise, Mama, I mean seriously, it’s mayonnaise, it’s white and it’s mayonnaise. C’mon, that’s like ketchup but it’s just white.”

When asked why she doesn’t eat mayonnaise, Jessica says that it is because she is a vegetarian, sparking ridicule from the whole family.

Mama June asks: “When did you become a damn vegetarian?”

Lauryn, aka “Pumpkin”, 13, adds: “Marannaise does not have meat in it.”

The pair then embark on a bizarre argument, that doesn’t involve Jessica at all, in which they both seem to be making the same case.

It ends with Pumpkin insisting that “you could just make a marannaise sammich”, causing Mama June to shudder, and Pumpkin to then do an uncanny imitation.

With the family discussion ending in failure, 7-year-old Honey Boo Boo, Jessica and eldest sister Anna “Chickadee”, 17, decide to present Mama June with a large bowl of mayonnaise.

“Coming from the kitchen with the mayonnaise to the dining room, you could feel the tension in there,” Jessica reveals.

As the girls goad their mother with exclamations of, “Look, it’s so yummy!” and “It jiggles, it’s pretty!” June Shannon gets increasingly distressed.

“My anxiety levels is up like beyond out the roof,” she says.

“I mean like my chest is real tight, my throat feels like its gonna close up… Y’all gotta get that outta there, c’mon now… I’m gonna go into full panic ******* attack… Y’all gotta get it outta here FOR REAL!”

She failed to find much sympathy from Honey Boo Boo, who recalls afterwards: “Mama was turning white, just like mayonnaise.”

The first episode in the HOLLAday Specials sees the family prepare for Halloween. According to a précis of the episode from TLC, a pumpkin carving incident ends with Uncle Poodle stuck inside a one of the gourds and the family gets hopelessly lost in a corn maze.

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