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Jameela Jamil fashion tips


DJ Jameela Jamil recently followed in the footsteps of Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton in turning her hand to designing for Very.co.uk.

And now, as Jameela Jamil, 26, unveils her third collection for the fashion website, she hopes she has created a little something for women of all shapes and sizes.

Here Jameela Jamil shares her exclusive style tips:

Jameela Jamil says her ultimate body fixer is a great pair of jeans – which is why she has included a pair of ultra-flattering denims in her new collection.

Speaking about the exciting range she said: “I’ve designed a pair of jeans, we call them the Jam Jeans – they’re so flattering it’s insane!

“They’re high-waisted and they’re inspired by a sort of denim Spanx, so they just pull you in and you get a perfect hourglass figure.”

The Jam Jeans are what Jameela Jamil describes as one of her “quick fixes” for whenever she needs to get dressed in a rush, as well as the Cropped Swing Faux Fur Coat from her last collection, which she says makes a real style statement with minimal effort.

“I’ll just wear something really plain and simple underneath, and as soon as I put it on – it’s flattering, it’s beautiful, I feel good in it.

“I wore it on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and that’s my favorite show of all time.

“The fact that I was sitting there, wearing clothes that I had made, that I genuinely loved, was one of the best moments of my life.

“It’s really lovely when you actually want to wear your own clothes – but I’ve worn it to death, it needs to go to the dry cleaners, seriously.”

Jameela Jamil shares her exclusive style tips

Jameela Jamil shares her exclusive style tips

Always one to be ahead of the trends, Jameela Jamil has incorporated the best of the season’s offerings into her Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Very.co.uk.

Speaking about her two top picks this season, Jameela Jamil said: “One is the polka dot dungaree denim dress – I love that, and I think you can wear it winter and summer.

“It’s so quirky and just immediately says you’re in a fun, playful mood.

“I like clothing that has a sense of humor and has almost a personality of its own.

“I also love the long yellow maxi dress. It’s very beautiful, you could wear it to a wedding, but it’s also a bit sexy and a bit edgy.

“Those are the pieces that I will 100% be wearing next summer.”

But despite her love for floaty summer maxi dresses, Autumn/Winter remains Jameela Jamil’s favorite season for fashion.

“I love layers; I love big chunky scarves and chunky knits that I can wear as a dress.

“It’s really important to have that; because I think only boring people don’t get a bit fat around Christmas!

“It’s good to have clothes that just make you feel like you’re being cuddled all the time, regardless of how many mince pies you’ve eaten.”

Regardless of the season, however, Jameela Jamil maintains that getting dressed up is all about daring to be noticed.

She said: “I think just don’t go if you’re going to be boring – what’s the point if you’re going to keep it safe?

“I don’t think you should go out there just trying to be controversial and noticed, but I think if you don’t feel amazing in what you’re wearing, don’t go out!”