Home Business Economy & Politics Early voting results 2012. Updated.

Early voting results 2012. Updated.

About 25 million people have already voted in 34 states and the District of Columbia, either by mail or in person. No votes will be counted until Tuesday but some key states are releasing the party affiliation of those who vote early.


Votes: 1.5 million

Democrats: 35%

Republicans: 37%


Votes: 3.5 million

Democrats: 43%

Republicans: 40%

Early voting results 2012

Early voting results 2012



Votes: 627,000

Democrats: 44%

Republicans: 37%


Votes: 584,000

Democrats: 43%

Republicans: 32%

North Carolina

Votes: 2.3 million

Democrats: 48%

Republicans: 32%


Votes: 1.3 million

Democrats: 29%

Republicans: 23%


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