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Venus Palermo videos hit 30 million mark on YouTube


Venus Palermo, a 15-year-old girl who transforms herself into a “living doll” for YouTube videos, has attracted a staggering 30 million hits.

Venus Palermo, who poses in doll-like clothing and offers tips to viewers on turning themselves into similar living dolls, has become an internet sensation thanks to her tips on achieving the bizarre look.

Together, the hits on her YouTube channel now total more than 30 million, with one video – How To Look Like A Doll – attracting almost 5 million viewers alone.

Many of those viewing the videos are rapturous about the young girl’s appearance, taking to the comments boards in their droves to remark upon her wide eyes, clever make-up application or rose-bud lips.

Others are damning, with one pointing out that a 15-year-old girl should have more concerns than an obsession with make-up.

In April, Venus Palermo, known online as Venus Angelic, appeared on ITV morning television programme Daybreak along with her mother, who defended her daughter’s choice of lifestyle.

Presenter Helen Fospero said she would be “horrified” if her own daughter wanted to dress like a doll, saying it was “not normal”. But Margaret Palermo claimed her teenage daughter was an “innocent and good girl who likes frills and ribbons”.

Venus Palermo has attracted a staggering 30 million hits on her YouTube videos

Venus Palermo has attracted a staggering 30 million hits on her YouTube videos

Margaret Palermo, from Brixton, South West London, responded: “I would be horrified if she came home pregnant, I am not horrified if she is innocent and good girl who likes cute clothes and frills and ribbons.

“I am absolutely fine with that, her face is already doll-like and if she likes the style I am fine with it, I would be more worried if she came home drunk or smoked.”

Inspired by the craze for Japanese anime Venus Palermo set about changing her look to that of a porcelain doll after a trip to the country.

Venus Palermo said: “I was always like this, I liked to dress in frilly dresses and tie my hair in pigtails, then I discovered how and what I really want to be as a teenager.

“A lot of people like the look and I want to help them achieve it.”

Venus Palermo, who dresses as a doll every day, explained she takes only 15 minutes to achieve the look using powder, light pink eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner and gloss.

One of her top tips is to use contact lenses with a full, opaque color to make your eyes look doll-like.

While the living doll-look is going global, in Asia it has been a long-running trend.

As early as 2010 it was reported that an increasing amount of Japanese women were aspiring to look like dolls, embracing femininity and obliterating sexuality altogether.

Experts however have expressed their concern the trend could encourage the sexualization of children.

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