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Ann Romney in swimsuit on Delray Beach ahead of final presidential debate


Ann Romney cooled off on a Florida beach this weekend as her husband got fired up for the final presidential debate.

As Mitt Romney indulged in a beach football game between his staffers and invited reporters, Ann Romney took advantage of the Florida sunshine in her fetching floral suit, going for a swim with her family at Delray Beach.

Ann Romney, 63, looked glamorous in the brightly-colored, halterneck suit with matching sarong.

She splashed around in the water with her sons, their wives and her grandchildren, before she grabbed a towel and headed for a sun lounger.

Hours before they hit the beach, Mitt Romney and wife Ann were pictured attending church in Boca Raton on Sunday where she grabbed attention in a scarlet dress with full-length zip and chunky jewellery.

The latest poll has Mitt Romney neck-and-neck with Barack Obama as they each have 47% of likely voters ahead of their debate this evening.

Today’s face-off represents one of the last major opportunities for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to capture the attention of millions of voters – especially that small but sought-after group who haven’t yet made up their minds.

And while the former Massachusetts governor was relaxing on the beach, Barack Obama was holed up in Camp David in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains.

The President had arrived on Friday to prep for the debate, a 90-minute encounter focused on international affairs.


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