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Baby’s First Baby: pregnant baby doll complete with pregnant fetus


At first glance it’s your average baby doll, diaper clad and equipped with various bottles of “milk”.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed youngster looks life-life enough, her mouth upturned in an open-lipped smile, her puffy elbows and knees typical of a newborn.

But on closer inspection she is way more than just a doll, she is the freakish creation of a horror-show design project, developed by UK-based artist Darren Cullen, who goes by the name of “sexyoffender”.

Packaged in a hot pink box, decorated with tiny white hearts, the full extent of “Baby’s First Baby” is more than first meets the eye.

What appears to be a baby belly is in fact a pregnant one. Yes that’s right: Disturbing though it is, baby is herself with child.

Cast your eyes to the top of the box and you’ll see the words: “Real pregnancy action” and the disturbing truth drops.

Baby's First Baby created by UK artist Darren Cullen

Baby’s First Baby created by UK artist Darren Cullen

As well as a spare diaper, the mother-to-be toddler doll comes with a fetus in tow, pointed to with a pink arrow, along with the words: “Baby’s baby is pregnant too!”

On the back of the box, included milk bottles and warm towels are advertised, flanked by the assurance: “Batteries not required”. As if you wanted it to move!

Next to a close up of baby’s wide eyes is stamped: “CRAVINGS!” a shot of her belly bearing the words: “STRETCH MARKS!”

Worst of all, the graphic extra features continue to pledge: “WATERS REALLY BREAK!”

Twins are also available, apparently, pictured on the grotesque packaging holding hands and with cute matching hairstyles.

“Twin pregnant babies, each pregnant with their very own set of pregnant twins,” the box reads.

“The fun never stops!”

Darren Cullen’s shocking creation was apparently intended as a commentary on reality shows cashing in on teen pregnancies, gizmodo.com reported.