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Monica Lewinsky may be poised to write a tell-all book


Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has reportedly been meeting with a number of major publishers – who were all asked to sign nondisclosure agreements before seeing her.

An insider familiar with the project said: “I’m sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say.”

It is unclear who the frontrunners are, according to the New York Post.

Monica Lewinsky moved to England in 2005 where she earned her master’s degree in social psychology.

She then worked as a news correspondent for the UK’s Channel Five News.

Monica Lewinsky may be poised to write a tell-all book

Monica Lewinsky may be poised to write a tell-all book

Monica Lewinsky, 39, has given a number of interviews since the 1998 Bill Clinton scandal erupted but has generally kept under the radar.

Her friends have previously said she is not interested in capitalizing off the scandal, though if these rumors are true, this appears to have changed.

Monica Lewinsky has her own business designing purses, The Real Monica Inc.

Her rep said yesterday: “I cannot comment on anything at this point.”

Though it has been 14 years since it emerged that Bill Clinton had nine separate sexual encounters with his intern at the time, her presence still looms in the life of Clinton post-presidency and in that of his wife Hillary.

In what was an unfortunate and awkward schedule at the DNC in Charlotte last week, Monica Lewinsky’s former rabbi – who publicly condemned Bill Clinton during the sex scandal – gave the benediction minutes after the former President took the stage.

ABC News reported that the awkward pairing was likely overlooked by organizers because Rabbi David Wolpe is such a well-known figure in the Jewish community.

In July during a visit to Egypt as U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was taunted by her husband’s affair by protesters as they chanted “Monica, Monica”.

Hillary Clinton was subjected to them whilst visiting the Egyptian port city of Alexandria to reopen the US Consulate.


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