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Dear Friends of Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Whitney Elizabeth Houston – We love you!


A message from one of our readers. Whitney we miss you!


Dear Friends of Whitney Elizabeth Houston,


I am writing this letter to you today in an effort to reach out and touch those in our lives for which we admire and respect because of the GOD given talents they are blessed with and who have sacrificed and devoted their lives to entertain all us. With all their access to fame and fortune, easy availability of unlimited drugs and alcohol prominent within this industry and the sudden death of young talented and legendary artist such as; Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Mikey Welsh, it has come to my attention as one of their fans and a Disc Jockey for many years exhibiting their music that something more concretely needed to be done. We must bring to light the causes of their early deaths and take actions to protect them from themselves and the sometime irrational decisions they make that bring theirs lives to early demise. To ensure Whitney Elizabeth Houston’s life causes and her death would not be in vane, I proposed that every artist within the entertainment community take the following Entertainers Standards of Conduct Oath and to become the “Wingman” for someone they admire, respect, love and care for. Let your voice be heard and demonstrate through your works and deeds that you loved Whitney as much as she loved each of you. I pray it will help each of you and all of us who could use a little intervention from time-to-time as we struggle with the demons in our lives.




Brian Wayman Layton, Utah 2 /19/2012


In Memory of Whitney “Elizabeth” Houston’s


Entertainers Standards of Conduct Oath


Because you love me and because I love myself, I _______________________________ , hereby solemnly swear before my GOD, my family, my closest friends and the professions for which I am beholden, to uphold the following standards of conduct as a condition of my employment throughout my contractual obligations. Because you love me and because I love myself, I will maintain the highest levels of personal and professional integrity by setting the example through righteous living both in the publics view and in my private life. I will not bring shame to my GOD, my family, my friends and employer by indulging in the abusive, dangerous and unhealthy pleasures of evil, lawlessness and reckless behavior and will cease that behavior immediately. I will not abuse or consume harmful and additive drugs and chemicals substances legal or illegal into my body nor will I offer them to those around me. I will only surround myself with those who truly love me and I will separate myself from those who would harm and enable me to self destruct. If I am in trouble, I will seek the recommendations and accept the professional help that I need without repercussions because you love me and I love myself so help me GOD.


Written by: Brian H. Wayman Layton, Utah 2/19/2012

Take the pledge today and get on the path to recovery

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