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How to spot a liar: the 4 most common ways to tell if someone is lying


Marc Salem, a body-language expert has released a list of the four most common ways to tell if someone is lying, with some slightly obvious answers.

In addition to a steady gaze or displays of inconsistent behavior, the other two give-away’s are shown through your smile- or lack thereof.

Marc Salem, the Men’s Health non-verbal behavior expert, says that by covering your mouth while talking or coughing an inordinate amount for a healthy person both may be ways to cover more than just your smile.

If someone tries to hide his mouth, it may be an inadvertent telling that he is hiding the truth.

On the other end of the spectrum, if someone smiles too quickly or does so under unusual circumstances, they may be trying to cover up bad behavior.

Marc Salem said in his article: “A genuine smile changes a person’s whole face.”

“Their eyes light up, and their cheeks and eyebrows rise along with the corners of their mouth.”

“A fake smile appears in an instant, and disappears just as quickly.”

A common theme throughout is that any changes in someone’s typical behavior should serve as a warning sign that something is up.

“Shifts from the norm are red flags for deceit,” Marc Salem said.

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