Home Entertainment Jilted Louis Dowler: “Kate Winslet was so cruel during our break-up”

Jilted Louis Dowler: “Kate Winslet was so cruel during our break-up”

Louis Dowler, Kate Winslet’s former love, is still coming to terms with the break-up and the way he was so brutally discarded nearly three months after he was unceremoniously dumped by the actress.

Speaking publicly for the first time since he was abandoned by Kate Winslet, male model Louis Dowler, 35, says: “I don’t think Kate behaved well and it is still very raw for me.”

Famous for her own emotional performances at award ceremonies, Kate Winslet, 35, left Louis Dowler close to tears after they went on what should have been a romantic trip to Richard Branson’s Caribbean hideaway on Necker Island this summer.

Instead, it was a disaster. While Kate Winslet was hailed a hero for rescuing Sir Richard’s mother, Eve, from the fire which engulfed the luxurious retreat, Louis Dowler was devastated when the trip ended badly.

“I was in love with her and you can’t switch that off overnight,” Louis Dowler tells me.

“I’m not sure Kate treated me well.”

For his part Abel Smith, who eccentrically changed his name by deed poll some years ago to Ned RocknRoll, subsequently informed his wife, Eliza Pearson, 23, the sweet-natured daughter of multi-millionaire Viscount Cowdray, that he had fallen for the Titantic star.

While Eliza Pearson took it on the chin, Louis Dowler is still struggling with what happened.

“Kate came home with me to Cornwall and we just hung out together.

“She met my parents and family,” he says.

“I thought we were inseparable. I certainly haven’t found anyone else since.”

The Burberry model says that at first he was blissfully happy with Kate Winslet when they met after her split from film director husband Sam Mendes, spending time at her $4 million New York apartment.

Louis Dowler, who was at a party for the Omega boutique at the new Westfield shopping centre in East London, adds: “I don’t want to go into details but it wasn’t a straightforward break-up.

“I’m a laid-back guy, so I am not walking around with a long face – but I do still hold a torch for her.”