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Jerry Sandusky arrested second time in child molesting case

Wednesday in the afternoon, Jerry Sandusky left his home in handcuffs after prosecutors filed amid startling new testimony has emerged from one of his latest alleged victims.

The ninth alleged victim said in sworn testimony that he suffered abuse at Jerry Sandusky’s hands for years, often in the basement of the coach’s house.

The victim said Jerry Sandusky made him perform oral sex multiple times and tried to anally rape him at least 16 times and succeeded a number of times.

During one of those incidents, the victim screamed for help knowing that Jerry Sandusky’s wife, Dorothy, was upstairs, but no one ever came down to help him.

It’s not the first time Dorothy “Dottie” Gross Sandusky’s name has come up in the allegations.

Dottie Sandusky, 68, attempted to call one of the victims in the weeks leading up to his testimony, despite the fact the now 26-year-old had cut off all contact with Jerry Sandusky two years prior.

Jerry Sandusky’s wife left a message on Victim 7’s phone saying the matter was “very important” but the man, who told the Grand Jury that as a 10-year-old in 1994, the former coach hugged and inappropriately touched him, did not return the call.

Part of that alleged abuse took place in the Sandusky family’s State College, Pennsylvania, home, in which Dorothy and her husband raised their six adopted children.

Jerry and Dottie Sandusky claimed they could not have any of their own.

Over the years Jerry and Dottie Sandusky became the parents to Ray, now 46, a businessman living in Nashville, EJ, 41, former Nittany Lions player, and now a football coach at West Chester University, Kara, 38, a Penn State graduate, Jeff, 35, a former Marine, and 33-year-olds Matt, a Penn State graduate and Jon, who is Director of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns.

Wednesday in the afternoon, Jerry Sandusky left his home in handcuffs after prosecutors filed amid startling new testimony has emerged from one of his latest alleged victims

Wednesday in the afternoon, Jerry Sandusky left his home in handcuffs after prosecutors filed amid startling new testimony has emerged from one of his latest alleged victims

Quite how much any of them knew about the sexual abuse, which occurred between 1994 and 2009 with a number of incidents at the family home, is now under scrutiny. The number of boys the former Penn State University coach is accused of molesting now stands at 10.

The newest men – aged 10 and 12 – said Jerry Sandusky preyed on them when they sought help at his charity for underprivileged children, the Second Mile.

Victim No. 9 said Jerry Sandusky took him to Penn State football games, lavished him with gifts and even gave him money, and when the abuse began he was told to keep it a secret.

Jerry Sandusky is likely to spend Wednesday in jail, though his lawyer says he should be released on $250,000 bail Thursday.

Four Pennsylvania State Police detectives arrived at Jerry Sandusky’s house outside State College, Pennsylvania, this afternoon in unmarked cars.

A video from NBC News shows the detectives knock on the former coach’s door then go inside. Moment later, emerged with the white-haired Sandusky.

Jerry Sandusky is wearing a blue and white Nittany Lions tracksuit with a jacket on his shoulders covering his hands, which are cuffed behind his back.

Shortly after his arrest, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, walked in the courtroom to see his client for a bond hearing.

“Told you. We had this discussion. Some day you will listen to me,” Joe Amendola said to his client, ABC6 in Philadelphia reported.

Jerry Sandusky smiled in reply.

Prosecutors argued the judge should set Jerry Sandusky’s new bond at $1 million.

However, the judge decided $250,000 was sufficient, however he ordered Jerry Sandusky must wear an electronic tether that will notify authorities if he goes near the Penn State campus.

Joe Amendola said Jerry Sandusky was likely to post the money and be released Thursday.

Victim No 9, who is now 19, said he was raped at Penn State’s football facilities after Jerry Sandusky plied him with alcohol on campus.

Jerry Sandusky was first arrested November 5 on charges that he sexually assaulted eight boys over the course of 15 years.

The former coach was released on unsecured bail of $100,000 – meaning he only has to pay if he doesn’t show up for court – and has been keeping a low profile at his home outside State College, Pennsylvania.

Joe Amendola, denied Jerry Sandusky is guilty of committing the newest set of allegations. The onetime heir to the Penn State coaching throne has maintained his innocence since his first arrest.

The two newest accusers say they met Jerry Sandusky through his charity, the Second Mile, when they were troubled young boys.

“As in many of the other cases identified to date, the contact with Sandusky allegedly fit a pattern of <<grooming>> victims,” Attorney General Linda Kelly said in a statement.

“Beginning with outings to football games and gifts; they later included physical contact that escalated to sexual assaults.”

Victim No 9, who went public Tuesday night through his lawyer Charles Schmidt, is now a 19-year-old man. He says Sandusky gave him gifts and money – in addition to molesting him – after they met in 2004.

“He suffered one incident of abuse, to use the legal term – involuntary deviate sexual intercourse – allegedly at the hands of Mr. Sandusky,” Charles Schmidt said.

“That occurred on the Penn State campus, we believe in the area of the football facilities.”

The new claim came the day a lawyer for another young man who accused Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse said he expects his client and at least five other accusers to testify at a preliminary hearing next week.

The lawyer said he has information that the six young men whose testimony before a grand jury contributed to a report detailing allegations against Jerry Sandusky will be called to testify next Tuesday.

Jerry Sandusky, 67, is charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse, and prosecutors allege he met his victims through a charity he founded in 1977 to help at-risk children, The Second Mile.

He denies being a paedophile and has vowed to fight the charges. In interviews with NBC and The New York Times, he has said he showered and horsed around with boys but never sexually abused them.

The existence of Charles Schmidt’s client was first reported by WHP-TV in Harrisburg.

Charles Schmidt told the AP that his client was 12 years old, dealing with the death of his mother and suffering emotional issues at the time of the campus incident.

He said the two met through The Second Mile and his client claims Jerry Sandusky gave him liquor while in the office on campus. The grand jury report did not allege any instances of Jerry Sandusky giving boys alcohol.

Charles Schmidt said his law firm is conducting its own investigation into the client’s claims.

The preliminary hearing, at which a judge would determine if prosecutors have enough evidence to take the case to trial, could last a day or more since the defense has the right to cross-examine the state’s witnesses.

The state attorney general’s office would not comment on the evidence authorities plan to offer to show probable cause the crimes occurred.

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