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Last minute Halloween costumes at your home.

If you don’t have any idea, or you don’t have enough time or simply you don’t want to spend money to get a Halloween costume, here are some fun ideas that will have you being the life of the monster bash – and most of these items you probably have around your home:

• Carry a quarter and a hammer. What are you? A Quarter-pounder.

• Dress in pink and carry a feather. What are you? Tickled pink.

• Dress all in black, tie a shot glass around your neck. What are you? A shot in the dark!

• Quarter (or preferably enlarged photocopy of one) taped to your back. What are you? A quarter-back.

Find your  Halloween costume in your closet

Find your Halloween costume in your closet

• Wear all white. Attach (or paint) yellow circle to your stomach. You are an egg. Add horns and a pitchfork and you are a deviled egg.

• Dress normally. Pin some socks, dryer sheets, hand towels to your shirt. Static cling.

• Get some cat and dog stuffed animals. Use double sided tape or string to attach to an umbrella. Its raining cats and dogs.

• Wear normal clothes. Attach a dollar to each ear. What are you? A Bucaneer. (Buck-an-ear).

• An empty box of cereal. A toy knife. Instant “Cereal Killer.”

• Put a sign that says “Go Ceilings!!!!” on your shirt. What are you? A Ceiling Fan! Cheer to help the effect.

• Where cat ears and carry a paper bag – cats out of the bag

• Carry a large empty picture frame… minus the glass… a self-portrait

• Wear black… using white tape make dash lines down the front of you. Attach a plastic fork… Fork in the road

• Wear an apron and chef’s hat and carry an iron – Iron Chef

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