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Seal Beach: names of the victims killed at Salon Meritage.

Last night, Orange County Police named the eight people who were the innocent victims killed during the Seal Beach massacre.

The eight people killed by Scott Dekraai in the crazed shooting at Salon Meritage were: Randy Fannin, the beauty salon owner, Victoria Buzzo, Lucia Kondas, Laura Elody, Christy Wilson, Michelle Fast, David Caouette and Michelle Fournier, the gunman ex-wife.

Scott Dekraai, ex-husband of one of the victims, Michelle Fournier, allegedly went on the shooting spree at Salon Meritage, after losing custody of his 7-year-old child.

Eight people were the innocent victims killed, during the Seal Beach massacre, by the crazed gunman Scott Dekraai

Eight people were the innocent victims killed, during the Seal Beach massacre, by the crazed gunman Scott Dekraai

The gunfire happened Wednesday afternoon, the day after Scott Dekraai is said to have been served a restraining order by former wife Michelle Fournier after she won custody of their son Dominic.

Michelle Fournier, who claimed in court filings that Scott Dekraai was unstable and physically abusive to her when they were married, was murdered, along with salon owner Randy Fannin, newlywed Laura Elody and Michele Fast, a young mother to two teenage daughters.

Another man, David Caouette, was killed outside Salon Meritage by a shot to the head as he sat in his Land Rover.

Other two women, Victoria Buzzo and Christy Wilson, were murdered and another 73-year-old woman, Hattie Stretz, is in a serious condition in hospital. Hattie Stretz is the mother of Laura Elody.

His last victim was 65-year-old Lucia Kondas, who was the oldest person killed at the salon.

Wednesday event at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach was the deadliest mass killing in Orange County history.

After the terrifying shooting at Salon Meritage, Orange County authorities rushed to the scene and seized Scott Dekraai in a traffic stop half a mile away.

Scott Dekraai is said to have moved to Seal Beach in 2009, after he was honourably discharged from the military because of a work-related leg injury.

The gunman worked on tugboats after being discharged by the military and walked with a limp after a boat accident.

Scott Dekraai allegedly remarried Mindy Miguel, his rehab nurse, who is currently assisting detectives with their investigations.

Salon Meritage owner, Randy Fannin died in the shooting after he is said to have confronted Scott Dekraai.

One of Michelle Fournier’s best friends, Christy Wilson, who is married, also died in the shooting.

Christy Wilson was reportedly in court with Michelle Fournier on Tuesday to testify on her friend’s behalf during her custody case.

Mother-of-two, Victoria Buzzo, 54, was killed just a few months after the death of her father.

Seal Beach youth soccer team, Beach Futbol Club, sent out a message to its members announcing that Michelle Fast, who is a mother of one of the players, had died in the shooting at Salon Meritage. Michelle Fast has two teenage daughters.

“It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that one of the victims in the senseless Seal Beach tragedy was Michelle Fast, wife of Patrick Fast who manages our Girls U16 White team, and mother of Lisa Fast a player on that team. Please keep the Fast family in your prayers.”

The newlywed Laura Elody, 46, was also killed during massacre. Laura’s mother, Hattie Stretz, 73, was also shot in the salon and she is still in a critical condition at hospital.

Laura Elody is said to have been styling her elderly mother’s hair when she was killed.

Seal Beach, a quiet beachfront city of approximately 25,000 residents, identifies itself as the Gateway to Southern California’s Orange County and is located about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Sandra Bullock is among its famous residents.