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San Francisco Fashion Week 2011: when beauty meets technology

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Hélène Rochas, the French elegance icon, died at 84.


A New Beginning is the theme of San Francisco Fashion Week 2011, that is taking  place this week from Monday through Sunday.[googlead tip=”lista_medie” aliniat=”stanga”]


Bay Area is hosting San Francisco Fashion Week 2011

Bay Area is hosting San Francisco Fashion Week 2011

The San Francisco Fashion and Merchandising Alliance (SFFAMA) tried to redesign the show with an adequate theme,  centered on emphasizing the city’s strongest attributes: beauty, intelligent technology and textile fabrication.

There are a lot of events going on, started with Apple Workshops and Fashion Exhibit, 5 Claude Lane.
Small technology seminars took place at the Apple Store, technicians and fashion industry professionals’ speechees covered a large field concerning technical applications.
Social media workshop on  Public Relations, fashion-focused event creation and marketing in fashion, were held at Pigment Cosmetics.

At Fashion Blogger Connect & Mini-Trunk Show  Alison Messenger, Amy Gilmer, Mira Torres-Montalvo, and Molly Covert  spoke and interacted with visitors.

San Francisco Fashion Week 2011 continues with Fashion Exhibit and Installation with Art, 5 Claude Lane Gallery and runway shows  will be presented in the next three days at Madrone Studios.[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]


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Emerging Designers Fashion Show on Friday will feature new local talents: Amanda Everest, Faatui Toele  for Lucky Lu Clothing, Avni Trivedi for Avni Fashions, and Jennifer Ly.

Ready to Wear (Prêt-à-Porter) Fashion Show on Saturday will present many kind of designers’ visions, among them: Wen Guo’s Boditecture (dresses which can be wear in a lots of ways), Alyssa Casares’  Alyssa Bird, the men’s underclothing line, Victor’s Promise.

Couture/Avant Garde Fashion Show on Sunday will close San Francisco Fashion week 2011. This runway will display futuristic conception of  Camelia Skikos (Academy of Art University Fashion School professor), Violetta Vieux‘s creation, KenChen men’s and women’s clothing designs, Jackee Princeau‘s leather robots, Aya Yoruha & Diane O‘ designs.

Excerpt from SFFAMA Press release on San Francisco Fashion Week 2011:

San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliances, Inc. (SFFAMA) and Wix.com are pleased to announce San Francisco Fashion Week 2011 August 8-14, 2011. San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011 will highlight the convergence of fashion and technology unique to the San Francisco fashion industry while showcasing emerging designers and student collections. […]
In utilizing social media and fashion-focused event production, San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. is the leading organization acting as a catalyst for fashion and technology locally. With the burgeoning indie fashion scene, SFFAMA is leading the San Francisco fashion industry toward reinventing itself as the next fashion capital and  signifies this years theme of A New Beginning. […]