Home Breaking News Northern London riots for Mark Duggan’s death. Latest updates.

Northern London riots for Mark Duggan’s death. Latest updates.

Mark Duggan’s funeral, one month after London riots. 


See how much will cost the England riots.


England latest news. London riots spread accross England: Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham!

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New London riots. The third night of street violence!


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Mark Duggan’s forensic report.


Mark Duggan was shot in Northern London

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Two police cars and a double decker bus were torched and several local stores were looted by violent rioters yesterday night in northern London, Tottenham.

According to the eyewitnesses it was a chaos which rages for hours and fires blazed throughout the night while police tried to get the scene under control. People estimated there were 400-500 demonstrators in the streets.

Northern London riots, August 7, 2011

Northern London riots, August 7, 2011

Maria Robinson, Tottenham resident, described the scene in an interview with the BBC.

“The police are hiding. I actually saw a group of police officers run through an alley away from a group of people that are running towards them,” Robinson said.

“The police seem very frightened of the situation at the moment.”

As a result of last Saturday night riots, 26 police officers and 3 others were injured and 42 people have been arrested.

London Metropolitan Police admitted they “had not anticipated” the violence, which came in response to the death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, shot by police officers on Thursday.

What began as a peaceful march for Mark Duggan exploded into violent street riots when the event was “hijacked by mindless thugs,” police told the Guardian.

Mark Duggan, a black father of four, was killed by police after he was pulled over in a minicab and officers attempted to arrest him. Details on the circumstances of his death remain unclear as police have not released information about why Mark Duggan was pulled over or who shot him.

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The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) release statement concerning Mark Duggan:


“I understand the distress that the shooting of Mark Duggan has caused to his family and in the community and that people need answers about what happened to him,” an IPCC spokesman said.

“This case (Mark Duggan) was referred to the IPCC immediately and we declared it an independent investigation and sent our investigators straight to the scene in Tottenham, where they took control and remained until late Friday night, supervising the forensic examinations. An independent investigation means that all aspects are carried out by IPCC investigators.

“We are in close contact with Mark Duggan’s family and supported 14 family members and friends in viewing and formally identifying Mr Duggan’s body. We have been in telephone contact with close family tonight and have further meetings with them tomorrow.

“I have tonight spoken to community representatives and hope to meet with them and others as early as possible. I remain in frequent contact with David Lammy, the local MP.

“We are still gathering evidence and will release further details about our progress with the investigation as soon as we can.”


David Lammy , member of Parliament for Tottenham , decried the violence, telling reporters that many of the violent protesters “were not from Tottenham” but had traveled to join in the looting.

“A community that was already hurting has had its heart ripped out,” David Lammy said.

The incident seemed to be very similar to Tottenham’s 1985 Broadwater Farm riot, an outbreak of violence sparked by the death of Cynthia Jarrett, a woman who died while police officers were searching her home in connection with her son’s arrest. Cynthia Jarrett’s death was followed by rioting which turned violent, ending in the death of police officer Keith Blakelock.

Tottenham residents said tensions have eased in recent years between the community and the police, but Mark Duggan’s death seems to have ignited the old hostilities.

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