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At least 25 people are confirmed dead after a landslide hit Zhejiang province in eastern China.

More than 2,000 rescuers are searching for survivors in Lidong village after several days of rain sparked a torrent of mud and rock.

The landslide occurred shortly before 23:00 on November 13 and buried almost 30 houses.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Parts of the village remain flooded, hindering rescue efforts. Reports say 12 people are still missing.

Local officials said one person had been rescued so far and is in stable condition.

As well as rescuers, sniffer dogs and machinery, psychologists have also been dispatched to the area to help family members of the victims, local officials said.

Most of the missing people are children and the elderly, according to local media, which also said that compensation had been agreed for those who lost homes in the disaster.

Typhoon Chan-hom has hit eastern China in Zhejiang province.

Almost one million people have been evacuated from coastal areas in anticipation of a typhoon carrying wind speeds of 107mph. Some 4in of rain has fallen since July 10.

Chan-hom is now heading north past the city of Shanghai.

The typhoon hit Taiwan and Japan earlier in the week, uprooting trees and injuring several people.

Chan-hom first hit Zhejiang province on an island near the city of Ningbo at around 16:40 local time, the National Meteorological Center said.

No deaths or injuries were reported in the region by July 11, state news agency Xinhua said.Typhoon Chan hom China 2015

One village, Laiao, received more than 16in of rain, it said.

The BBC’s John Sudworth in Shanghai says more than 400 flights have been cancelled there along with a number of public events, and the government has told people they should stay at home.

Dozens of flights were also cancelled in Zhoushan, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou.

Zhejiang province has called its entire fishing fleet back to port.

Some 100 train services were also cancelled.

Chinese TV showed footage of coastal regions being battered by torrential rain as the typhoon neared.

Images from the region also showed flooded farmland.

China is well used to dealing with such storms, although this is possibly the strongest July typhoon to hit Zhejiang since 1949.

The highest red-alert warning remains in force, despite the storm being downgraded in category from Super to Strong.


The newborn baby boy rescued from a toilet pipe in China has been released from hospital, officials say.

The baby had been in hospital in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, since being cut free from the pipe on Saturday.

His 22-year-old mother, who has not been named, said the baby slipped into the toilet and went down the pipe by accident as she gave birth.

Reports suggested the baby left with a relative, but it remains unclear who.

An official from the Pujiang county propaganda office, which is in Jinhua, said the baby had been released from hospital, but did not identify who took him home.

Some local reports suggest the baby’s father has made himself known but others suggested other relatives had become involved.

Meanwhile state media reports that while the incident, which took place on Saturday, is being considered an accident, investigations are ongoing.

The newborn baby boy rescued from a toilet pipe in China has been released from hospital

The newborn baby boy rescued from a toilet pipe in China has been released from hospital

According to local reports, the mother alerted her landlord after the baby fell into the pipe, but did not admit the baby was hers until later.

An official told the Associated Press news agency it was because she was frightened.

China’s Zhezhong News reported that she told police she could not afford to have an abortion. She was unmarried, did not think she could afford to look after the baby, and kept her pregnancy secret, reports say.

The infant has been referred to as Baby No 59 – after the number of his hospital incubator. He suffered minor abrasions on his head and limbs after being confined in the 10 cm (4 inch) pipe.

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