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Blinds can be made of a wide variety of woods. Elegant dark hard woods can complement traditional rooms, green grass materials are perfect for bringing the outdoor in, natural woven bamboo fits with everything. As you can see, you have lots of flexibility in terms of your design. Wood is a natural material and incorporating natural materials into a home creates a wonderful, warm feeling that has a lot more character than any other material out there. Let’s take a look at some wooden blinds options that are out there.

Natural Woven Shades

A lot of people think all blinds are made from slats. However, these are actually just the Venetians and verticals. Instead, you can use grasses and reeds, jute and bamboo to make beautiful woven shades as well. Each has certain practical benefits and they can suit any type of design.

If you want to filter light, then woven options are perfect. They come in ranges from translucent to opaque and they can be used all over your house, regardless of your personal light requirements. You can also add privacy or blackout liners if you want to put the blinds up in a bedroom without getting bothered by the sunlight. There are panel tracks, waterfall design, Roman styles and flat fold shades to name but a few.

A lot of woven materials, and particularly bamboo, are renewable sources. In order to harvest bamboo, the tree does not have to be destroyed. Each piece of bamboo is completely unique and this creates a wonderful design.

They are very versatile materials that come in a range of different patterns and designs, and they are particularly suited for light filtering. Their insulating properties are an added benefit.

Wooden Blinds

A lot of blinds are made from vinyl or aluminum. While this is affordable and enables the creation of some quirky designs, wood is so much more beautiful. It adds a bit of warmth and comfort to any room, which plastic simply cannot achieve. Plus, because it is natural, it goes as well with a classical look as with a modern look. Wood can also be painted or stained to give it a certain darkness, lightness or shades. Wood blinds are available in both horizontal and vertical slats, with the latter being perfect for glass doors and large windows.

Again, wood has many practical benefits. It is an excellent insulator, stopping light, sound and heat. This means you have more privacy and lower energy bills. Hardwood in particular is often thermal treated to make the slats harden. This means they won’t warp, crack or split due to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The Problem with Wood

There is only one real problem with wood, which is that it does not like to come into contact with moisture. As a result, wood blinds are not suitable for kitchens or bathrooms. However, there are also various faux wood materials available, which can be used in lieu.