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Beyonce stunned her fans yesterday as she unveiled a drastic new haircut.

Beyonce, who is known for her trademark honey colored tresses, has finally ditched her long weave for an edgier short pixie crop.

To launch her new look, Beyonce, 31, posted pictures to her Instagram account showing pictures of herself gazing in the mirror.

she can also be seen from behind feeling the back of her head where her long hair used to be.

Dressed in a short sleeve printed T-shirt and gilt choker, Beyonce shared another snap showing her pixie cut from the front – slightly combed back and parted the side, complete with dark roots.

Beyonce has been a diehard weave wearer for years – and will no doubt have thought long and hard about taking this new direction.

Comparisons to Rihanna – who has worn the shorter look on and off for some years now – will be inevitable.

Beyonce stunned her fans yesterday as she unveiled a drastic new haircut

Beyonce stunned her fans yesterday as she unveiled a drastic new haircut

Rihanna has also recently unveiled her shorter natural hair after removing her weave.

Beyonce has rarely sported anything other than big, bouffant looks in since blasting onto the music scene with Destiny’s Child.

And her new look could – like Halle Berry’s short crop from film Boomerang – see a rush to hair salons for fans eager to copy her new look.

Beyonce’s wig collection was once estimated to be worth $1 million.

The wigs are mostly handcrafted and custom made for the star out of real human hair, and a single wig is reportedly worth $10,000 each.

It’s unclear if she will keep her new look for long, but the singer donates her worn pieces to an organization that provides wigs for chemotherapy patients, so they should expect something of a bonanza shortly.

Beyonce still had her longer locks as she performed her last show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Monday.

Working up a sweat beforehand, she said:  “I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!”

Sharing photos to prove she was truthful, Beyonce made a collage showcasing her make-up free face hidden beneath a white trilby hat and aviator shades.