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The $30 million lawsuit filed against Nicki Minaj by her former wig designer Terrence Davidson has been rejected by District Judge Harold Murphy in Atlanta.

In the lawsuit filed in February 2014, Terrence Davidson accused Nicki Minaj and Pink Personality LLC of breaking verbal contracts.

Terrence Davidson also claimed Nicki Minaj went back on talks to launch a reality TV show and a wig line and that she stole his designs.

Lawyers for Nicki Minaj filed a motion in May to dismiss the lawsuit.

Judge Harold Murphy agreed that Terrence Davidson did not have grounds to claim.

Terrence Davidson said in the $30 million lawsuit that he began working as Nicki Minaj’s hair stylist in early 2010.

He created various wigs for the rapper, known for her flamboyant hairpieces that she wore to a pre-show for MTV’s Video Music Awards, during media appearances in London and for her video SuperBass.

Terrence Davidson said he turned down a contract for a reality TV show after talking to a representative of Nicki Minaj.

Terrence Davidson claims Nicki Minaj launched a reality TV show and a wig line after stealing his designs

Terrence Davidson claims Nicki Minaj launched a reality TV show and a wig line after stealing his designs

The hair stylist, whose celebrity clients include singers Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson, said Nicki Minaj and her team shut him out months into talks about a reality show and a line of wigs.

Terrence Davidson stopped working as Nicki Minaj’s stylist in early 2013.

He said Nicki Minaj took his designs without his consent and used them to start her own wig line.

Nicki Minaj’s lawyers said that Terrence Davidson was “upset because he lost his most famous client” and was seeking to force himself into a business relationship that Minaj and Pink Personality developed without him to get money from them that he didn’t earn.

The judge wrote in his order that the verbal promises of future business Terrence Davidson said he got from Nicki Minaj and her team were too vague and that it was unreasonable for Davidson to rely on them as a done deal.

The judge said that Terrence Davidson claimed his wigs were distinctive because of their design and color.

He added that there was no evidence that Terrence Davidson made any attempt to connect them to himself in the public mind or that anyone was confusing the wigs sold by him with wigs sold by Nicki Minaj.