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Washing hair too much


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Hair loss can happen at any age, and it’s something you should still be watching out for in your twenties. Although it’s more likely to occur in men, you will be surprised to know a high proportion of women can also suffer from hair loss. In fact, 40% of people who are suffering from hair loss are ladies. Here are some reasons for hair loss in women while they are young.

Alopecia areata

The top reason for hair loss in women is down to alopecia areata. It’s a condition which can cause bald patches on your head. The condition stops your hair from growing and can often be passed down via generations. If you are worrying you may have this, the doctors can send you off for a biopsy to confirm whether it is this condition. Often, it can grow back on its own, or they may need to give you a steroid injection or some cream to help treat it. It mostly occurs in young people, and it can happen in people who are healthy otherwise.  


As your body is going through many changes during pregnancy, your hair can be affected too. You may start to notice you are losing your hair. And surprisingly, it tends to occur after having the baby as your body has been through a lot of stress! As this article reveals, you should go to the doctor if you keep noticing hair loss, but don’t worry too much, it will grow back after a while.


One of the reasons why women lose their hair in their younger years is down to stress. When we get stressed out with work, we can notice that our hair begins to thin out. As your body is under pressure, it can mean your hair is under stress too. Find ways to keep calm such as exercise and removing yourself from stressful situations to combat the hair loss.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (aka PCOS) is a condition which can affect your ovaries and hormone level. You may experience irregular periods, acne and hair loss. It affects many young women in their late teens and twenties. As this article explains, your hair can thin out, and this can be one of the first signs that you have the syndrome. Talk to your doctor if you notice hair loss and they will send you to tests to confirm if you have PCOS. Unfortunately, you may experience extra hair on your face and arms while your hair on your head thins out!

Washing hair too much

Another reason for hair loss in young women is because they are washing their hair too much. By washing it too much, you are putting extra pressure on your scalp, meaning your hair might begin falling out. Try and stick to washing your hair every other day rather than doing it every single day. Make sure you are using a decent shampoo which is right for your hair.

A lot of the above is reversible, so if you do notice any hair loss, it’s best to speak to your doctor about your concerns.

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