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Kim Kardashian made her modeling debut by posing for Vogue earlier this year when she featured in a cover shoot for the Italian edition of the fashion bible.

And if you couldn’t get enough of the pictures of the reality TV star smouldering in revealing black dresses, now you can watch a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.

You can view a segment of the footage below while the full video is currently available on the Vogue Italia website.

The clip shows Kim Kardashian, 32, lying on the floor in a racy animal skin dress, while in another shot, she wears a black sleeveless Mark Zunino Couture gown that showcases her famous curves.

The shoot was filmed on the streets of Los Angeles in May by photographer Francesco Carrozzini and styled by contributing fashion editor Rushka Bergman.
Playing on Kim Kardashian’s reputation as one of the world’s most photographed women, the story of the shoot involves her being pursued by a mob of paparazzi.

In the magazine’s accompanying interview, Kim Kardashian admitted that she does find the “lack of privacy” in her life difficult.

Kim Kardashian made her modeling debut by posing for Vogue earlier this year

Kim Kardashian made her modeling debut by posing for Vogue earlier this year

“Everyone is always watching me, I’m under constant observation, everywhere I go there’s a camera following me, in the gym, when I do the shopping, and if I decide to go out without make-up it makes news throughout the world,” she said.

But Kim Kardashian seemed to enjoy the artistic reconstruction of her life for the Vogue shoot, tweeting at the time that it had been “amazing” and thanking the team for their “creative genius”.

Since the Vogue edition has been published, Kim Kardashian, who is dating singer Kanye West, has cemented her fashionista status further by launching her own fashion range with her sisters for Dorthy Perkins.

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Kate Upton has landed her very first Vogue cover, going from Sports Illustrated to the pinnacle of high fashion in less than a year.

Dismissed as a girl with “the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy”, by Victoria’s Secret earlier this year, Kate Upton appears on this month’s issue of Vogue Italia with the simple tagline “Seductive”.

Wearing Fendi fur and a Patricia Field bustier, Kate Upton, 20, was photographed by Steven Meisel for the Helmut Newton-style November cover.

After shooting to fame at the start of this year thanks to her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, Victoria’s Secret famously dismissed Kate Upton as unworthy of its brand image.

But soon after her revealing GQ cover shot by Terry Richardson, Kate Upton landed her first profile in U.S. Vogue’s June issue, and the magazine dissected her high fashion appeal – did she or did she not, have any?

Now, with two inside shoots for U.S. Vogue under her belt, the most recent seeing her model classic sportswear in a crisp palette of red, black, white and blue for its own November issue, there is little doubt that the model is now a bona fide member of the high fashion set.

Hailed as “The New Girl” by American Vogue, Carine Roitfeld has also embraced her, shooting her as the cover girl for the first issue of her new fashion magazine CR Fashion Book.

The French former Paris Vogue editor told The Daily Beast: “I didn’t want a normal model. I wanted someone with a sensual body, someone who could be a mother for all these babies… I would not say she’s a controversial model, but she’s not a classic model. And I like that.”


Kate Upton has landed her very first Vogue cover, going from Sports Illustrated to the pinnacle of high fashion in less than a year

Kate Upton has landed her very first Vogue cover, going from Sports Illustrated to the pinnacle of high fashion in less than a year

And the model says she has no plan to embrace the super-skinny high fashion look.

“I don’t want to starve myself,” she told U.S. Vogue.

“I still want to hang out with my family and be a normal girl. You have to be confident, and that doesn’t mean starving yourself.”

“I think it’s important to look at magazines and think a healthy lifestyle is attainable,” she explains.

“Now that the fashion industry likes the idea of me, I’m happy if I can have an influence.”

Kate Upton says she is particularly comfortable in a swimsuit because she grew up near the beach in Florida, where it was “no big deal”.

“When I lived in Florida, the swimsuit was the key wardrobe piece,” she says.

“I lived ten minutes from the beach, but I never sat there and said, <<I want to be every man’s fantasy>>.”

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Japanese magazine Numéro had airbrushed out Karlie Kloss’ prominent ribs in a photoshoot.

The original photo, shot by Greg Kadel and released by his studio, showed the 20-year-old model leaning back with her hands behind her head.

But the image that made its way onto the pages of the magazine’s October issue, Karlie Kloss’s ribs, sternum and prominent collar bones had been smoothed over.

Some have criticized the move, saying that that the images of Karlie Kloss show a slender model with normal ribs for a slim person leaning backwards – and suggest that the airbrushing by Número was over-zealous.

But to the editors of Numéro magazine, what may have seemed heavy-handed to some was likely a pre-emptive move to avoid the sort of furor that arose last time Chicago-born Karlie Kloss appeared naked in a magazine.

In a shoot for Vogue Italia with Steven Meisel last December, images showing Karlie Kloss’s protruding hip bones and minuscule waist sparked heated debate after they appeared on pro-anorexia websites.

Karlie Kloss printed in Numéro magazine

Karlie Kloss printed in Numéro magazine

The photos were replicated across the globe on myriad so-called Thinspiration sites, websites where vulnerable women and men post images and words that they believe will help them to lose weight to be more like their icons. Eating disorder associations spoke out to say that Karlie Kloss’s slight frame could have a negative effect on impressionable girls.

Karlie Kloss in the original shoot

Karlie Kloss in the original shoot

As soon as Vogue Italia learned that the images had appeared on the pro-anorexia sites, they pulled them from their own website.

Some months later, Vogue Italia’s editor Franca Sozzani admitted during a speech she gave to students at Harvard University that “fashion becomes one of the causes” of anorexia.

She discussed the industry’s reliance on imagery that glorifies extreme thinness, to the point where we now accept such aesthetic standards as entirely normal, and something to aspire to.

Franca Sozzani explained: “One of the reasons why a girl starts a too-strict diet is the necessity to correspond to an aesthetic standard which rewards thinness.

“And the current inclination to embrace a female beauty standard that exalts thinness has devastating consequences on many adolescents’ eating habits.”

Karlie Kloss, who says having been compared to Elle Macpherson (she has already been dubbed the new “Body”) gave her “goosebumps”, says her slim figure is down to years of ballet, which she gave up after she was told she was too tall to become a professional dancer.

She told Vogue earlier this year: “You are physically up for scrutiny by everyone and you hear everyone’s opinion. You have to grow thick skin and that only comes with time and learning.”



Kim Kardashian already has facial features that strongly resemble her mother Kris Jenner, but she could have passed as her twin yesterday as she donned a cropped wig for a photo shoot.

Kim Kardashian, 31, was the splitting image of Kris Jenner, 56, as she got to work in Downtown Los Angeles for Vogue Italia.

The reality star seemed to be paying tribute to Kris Jenner on the American Mother’s Day, donning the short wig and baring an uncanny resemblance to the matriarch.

After spending the morning with Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Happy Mothers Day!!! Had an amazing breakfast with the family…now off to a special shoot today!”

Kim Kardashian was the splitting image of her mother Kris Jenner as she posed for Vogue Italia on Mother’s Day

Kim Kardashian was the splitting image of her mother Kris Jenner as she posed for Vogue Italia on Mother’s Day

Kim Kardashian had onlookers talking when she slipped on skin-tight leather dress to a very casual basketball date with her boyfriend Kanye West yesterday.

But perhaps there was a reason behind her inconvenient choice of clothing as she watched the LA Lakers play the Denver Nuggets.

The raven-haired beauty was spotted in an extremely similar fitted frock on the shoot yesterday, so maybe she was simply practicing for a day in the animal skin.

Kim Kardashian could be seen getting her ample curves squeezed into the black dress, which fell above-the-knees and appeared to leave no room for movement.

As the magazine’s contributing fashion editor Rushka Bergman fitted a belt around her waist, Kim Kardashian would have had trouble staying upright in the towering heels which went over her sheer hosiery.

Kim Kardashian was joined on the job in Los Angeles’ Chinatown by her boyfriend Kanye West, who patiently sat in a chair as aides fussed over her behind giant black screens.

She looked like she’d be spending plenty of time switching into different ensembles with an array of clothing displayed on the clothing rails.

Although an inspiration board showed black and white images of androgynous models and old time paparazzi shots, Kim Kardashian seemed to be channelling her manager mother Kris Jenner even more so when she switched into a leather jacket and shorts.

Kim Kardashian teamed the look with huge sunglasses and knee-high boots which she wore over fishnet tights.