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Amanda Bynes branded Jay-Z “ugly face” on her Twitter page.

It was not long before the message was deleted, which suggests Amanda Bynes either had second thoughts or her account was hacked.

In fact there was a massive cull on Amanda Bynes’ page, with just 13 messages being left by the time she had done deleting.

Amanda Bynes, 26, made no reference to the previous message, with neither an apology or an explanation anywhere to be seen.

Instead she seemed in quite a jubilant mood, as she self-indulgently posted an image of herself posing in front of a mirror while wearing cheesy grin on her face.

Amanda Bynes branded Jay-Z “ugly face” on her Twitter page

Amanda Bynes branded Jay-Z “ugly face” on her Twitter page

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, has obviously taken the proclamation in his stride, as he has not stooped to the level of responding with a message of his own.

In fact the rapper seemed remarkably at ease as he spent time with wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy Carter in Venice.

It is not the first time Amanda Bynes has landed herself in hot water because of Twitter.

She has caused a stir in the past after posting messages such as “live fast die young”, posted a picture of her breasts at New Year and boasted of her preference for “chocolate men” while she dated rapper Kid Cudi in 2010.