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Maldives Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb has been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate the president, the home minister says.

Ahmed Adeeb was in detention and being charged with high treason, Umar Naseer said on Twitter.

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen narrowly escaped injury when a blast struck the boat he was using to return home from the airport late last month.

In recent years, the Maldives has been rocked by political infighting.

Abdulla Yameen’s election has been the subject of drawn-out wrangling.

Security has been tightened in the capital Male amid fears of “turmoil” triggered by the arrest, says the Maldivian newspaper Haveeru.

“By early morning Saturday, trucks loaded with policemen and soldiers were seen on nearly every street,” it reports.Ahmed Adeeb arrested

Four others were also arrested on October 24, the Maldives Independent website quoted police sub inspector Abdulla Nawaz as saying, but he gave no further details.

The website said Ahmed Adeeb’s arrest had “surprised and enthralled many Maldivians”.

President Abdulla Yameen and his wife were travelling to Male from the island where the airport is located on September 28 when their speedboat was hit by the bomb blast.

They had been to the hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The president was unhurt, but his wife and a number of others were injured when the device went off under a seat normally – but not in this instance – occupied by Abdulla Yameen.

Officials described the attack as an assassination attempt and had arrested two senior police officers – a week after the president fired his defense minister.

On October 24, Ahmed Adeeb too was arrested at the airport as he returned from an official overseas visit, police confirmed.

Home Minister Umar Naseer said the vice-president was being held on a prison island.

Ahmed Adeeb, who has denied any links to the explosion, had only been vice-president for three months.

Ahmed Adeeb came to office when the previous vice-president was sacked by Abdulla Yameen, also on charges of treason.


Germany’s top prosecutor Harald Range, who had accused the government of interfering with a treason investigation, has been fired by Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection Heiko Maas has announced.

Heiko Maas said he no longer had confidence in Harald Range, dismissing his statements as “incomprehensible”.

Prosecutors are investigating whether the Netzpolitik website revealed state secrets in articles about plans to step up state surveillance.

News of the case sparked street protests last week over press freedom.Harald Range fired

The outcry put the German government on the back foot, with senior officials stressing that Germany was committed to press freedom and casting doubts over whether the articles constituted treason.

On August 4, in a rare public row between the German judiciary and the state, Harald Range said the government had asked him to drop an independent investigator from the inquiry, who concluded that one of the articles published did amount to a disclosure of a state secret.

The request, said Harald Range, amounted to “an intolerable encroachment on the independence of the judiciary”.

He said that while the freedom of press was valuable it was not “limitless”.

Minister Heiko Maas responded at a news conference in which he called Harald Range’s comments “incomprehensible and misleading”.

He said his trust in the prosecutor’s ability had “suffered lasting damage” and he had requested his dismissal.

Harald Range, who is 67-year-old, was due to retire in 2016. Munich’s chief public prosecutor, Peter Frank, has been named by Heiko Maas as his successor.

The state investigation, into two journalists at Netzpolitik.org, is currently paused. The journalists have called for the case to be dropped.

Their first story, in February, alleged that Germany’s domestic intelligence agency wanted additional funds to increase its online surveillance program.

A later article in April concerned the spy agency’s efforts to set up a special unit to monitor social networking websites.

Critics have accused Harald Range of double standards, with the prosecutor earlier this year dropping an investigation into alleged tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone by the US National Security Agency (NSA) over lack of evidence.

Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has been remanded in judicial custody for two weeks over claims he illegally detained judges in 2007.

Pervez Musharraf, who ruled Pakistan between 1999 and 2007, was arrested on Friday.

The High Court ruled that the allegations amounted to an act of terrorism and ordered him to appear at Islamabad’s anti-terror court.

Pervez Musharraf has described the case against him as politically motivated.

Last month Pervez Musharraf returned from years of self-imposed exile hoping to lead his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) party into the general election next month.

However, the former prersident has so far failed in his bid to register as a candidate with election officials.

Pervez Musharraf’s lawyers said it was unclear whether he would be detained under house arrest, in policy custody, or in jail.

Pervez Musharraf has been remanded in judicial custody for two weeks over claims he illegally detained judges in 2007

Pervez Musharraf has been remanded in judicial custody for two weeks over claims he illegally detained judges in 2007

APML spokesman Muhammad Amjad said Pervez Musharraf would fight the allegations in a higher court.

Judges are determined to prosecute Pervez Musharraf over his decision to dismiss judges including Chief Justice Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhry.

Pervez Musharraf is accused of keeping the judges under house arrest for about six months in 2007 after he imposed emergency rule.

The former leader was brought to the court under heavy security.

Angry lawyers reportedly shouted slogans calling for Pervez Musharraf to be tried for treason.

His supporters and opponents clashed inside and outside the court.

Pervez Musharraf faces several other criminal cases and had been trying to stave off arrest since he returned.

The Pakistani Taliban have also vowed to assassinate former president Pervez Musharraf, who seized power in a 1999 coup.

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