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India Parker from Cleveland, Ohio, was being held on $10,000 bond Saturday after reportedly confessed police she threw her daughter’s body out with the trash.

India Parker, 35, is facing a charge of abuse of a corpse.

India Parker is at the centre of an investigation into the disappearance of her daughter, Kaliyah, 10.

The girl was reported missing Monday by the father of one of India Parker’s other children, Fox News reports.

India Parker confessed police she threw her daughter's body out with the trash

India Parker confessed police she threw her daughter's body out with the trash


Relatives and friends have told police they haven’t seen Kaliyah Parker since she was five in 2006.

Sgt. Sammy Morris, with the Cleveland Police Department, told Fox 8: “The Cleveland Division of Police received information from the Cuyahoga County Department of Child and Family Services on Monday, about a missing 10-year-old.”

The police report shows that India Parker told the girl’s father that Kaliyah died when a bookcase fell on her.

However, no death certificate has been found and there were no records at local hospitals.

Police say India Parker was also reported for child endangering back in 2000.

According to Fox News, India Parker had previously had at least one child taken away from her by social workers and subsequently returned to her.

Sgt. Sammy Morris said India Parker will stay behind bars until police find out what happened to Kaliyah.

He told Fox 8: “This is an open investigation. We are asking anyone with any information to call the Cleveland Homicide Unit.”